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Kanye West Left Talless After Jimmy Kimmel Asks His Support Of Donald Trump

It seems that Kanye West still has some things to consider regarding his support to President Donald Trump.

The Rapper and the Modemogue set out for one of his first major TV interviews since his controversial interview with TMZ in early May, and he expressed his constant support for the shattering president.

West first took up his decision to wear one of Trump's now famous Make America Great Again hats back in April, declaring that it was more a message about himself -Powerment than it was a political message.

"As a musician, an African American, a guy in Hollywood … everyone around me tried to choose my candidate for me and told me every time I said I like Trump that I could not say it high or my career would be over or I would be kicked out of the black community, "he shared. "Because blacks would have a monolithic thought, we can only be democrats."

West recalled that he first expressed his support for Trump before being hospitalized in November 201

6, which was an unspecified mental breakdown – and when he came out he had lost his confidence. "

" It took me half a year to get the confidence to get up and put on the hat, no matter what the consequences were "West shared." What it represented to me was not about politics, because I did not is a politician so, but it represented to overcome fear and what [I] felt, no matter what someone said and said, "You can not bully me. Liberals can not bump me, the news can not bump me, hip hop society can not bother me. "

" At that time, if I'm afraid to be me, I'm no longer Eder. That's what makes Ye, "he admitted, before he acknowledged that he really enjoyed" when people are actually crazy about me about certain things. "

West continued to pontify the" motivational forces "in the world: love and fear, and how people always" push out so much hatred. "

" [But] Love can cure so much, "said West . "When I see people just go to the president, I'm like, why not try love? … one after another we can outweigh this nuclear weapon hat we are in as a society by thinking of everyone like our family and how we treat our children. "

But Kimmel – Who has been hugely quoted in his criticism of President Trump, especially his more fragmented political positions and politicians, used the opportunity to establish West on the details of his support for Trump.

" I think it's A beautiful thought, but only in literal terms, there are families broken at the border with the country … as a result of what this president is d oing. And I think we can not forget it, regardless of whether we like personality or not, his actions are really what means "Kimmel Opposites." You said so famous, "George Bush does not care about black people." It makes me wonder what makes you think Donald Trump does, or [cares about] any people at all? "

West was speechless for the first time during the interview when he carefully considered his answer, or perhaps thought about Kimmel's point for the first time.

Unfortunately, the fans will not ever know how the star would have responded to his silent contemplation continued for such a long pace as Kimmel had to throw for a commercial break.


It seems that the hip hop icon's support for the president is less based on the shades of his party politics more on his personality and opposition to the White House – which is essentially what his wife told Kimmel when she sat with him last week.

Kardashian joined the host show on July 30th and opened her high profile visit the White House, where she successfully requested Trump to donate Alice Marie Johnson, a 63-year-old inmate who has served life without parole for a first, non- violent drug offense.

Kimmel asked West about his wife's White House visit and ran ghostly if he was worried that she "was alone in office with President Trump. "

" Yes, he's a player, "West West laughed. The play is particularly pointed (maybe inadvertently), considering Trumps several alleged infidelity scandals with women like the adult movie star Stormy Daniels and the former Playboy model Karen McDougal .

A particularly telling comment came when Kimmel asked West if he had ever regretted something he had said or tweeted, and the rapper replied: "I think people focus too much on the past and focus too much on regret." [19659002] According to the West, you have the confidence to make a note, regardless of whether you change your mind or rethink your position, better than censoring yourself out of fear of what other people will think. With it, repetitions and repercussions often come sometimes it's okay to get hurt.

"We [as a society] are too protective. We do not always want someone to be hurt. Can you imagine talking to my publisher when I said I went on TV again? "The West said, laughing." I'm on TV because it's amazing. "

More about West's controversial support from the president, check out the video below.

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