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Kanye West defends pro-trump politics in new song

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Donald Met Kanye in 201

After a week of controversial Twitter posts, Kanye West has defended his political opinion in a new song.

The track Ye vs The People sees the starring text with comrade TI who tells him about his support by Donald Trump.

"You represent dudes who seem raw and cold," argues TI, adding that the West is building "white supremacy."

But the star stands out and insists he is "fighting for the people."

Referring to a photo he wrote about himself, Donald Trump's famous Make America Great Again baseball cap, West rap: "If you wear the hat, we will show that we are alike."

"You must see the people lookout point "tip back TI" What makes you feel the same makes them feel bad. "

West will not be flooded.

"Dragon Energy"

"Making America Great Again had a negative view," he says. "I took it, wore it, rocked it, gave it a new direction / Added empathy, caring, love and affection / And you simply ask my methods."

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West – a mercurial and opposing practitioner at the best times – has lost controversy with his support to President Trump and conservative commentators like Scott Adams and Candace Own, which has spoken against the Black Life Matter movement. 19659018] Media playback is not supported on your device

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He proposed for the first time an affinity with Trump during his American tour in 2016 and praised the presidential style of communications while noting he had not voted.

Talked to his reactivated Twitter feed earlier this week, the West Trump called "my brother" and said they shared the same "dragon energy".

However, he later added: "I do not agree with everything that Trump does not hold 100% with anyone but myself."

"I love Hillary too" He adds in another post.

"Kind of Great Thing"

Still, the President has taken care of this rare A- list approval and tweeted his approval.

"Kanye West has performed a great service for the black community," he wrote on Friday. "Big things happen and eyes open for the first time in decades – Legacy stuff!"

"Kind of big thing", allow his son, Donald Trump Jr, at Instagram. "Know as a cultural turning point".

West has, however, come in for criticism from fellow players, including his friend and former protagonist John Legend.

The legend asked for the rapper, not to let his support for Trump hurt his "legacy" in a private text message, which west later was published online.

"Think Free," he advised west. "Think of empathy and context as well. Your words and actions have consequences."

Fellow Chicagoan The Chance Rapper primarily defended West and said that "black people do not need to be Democrats."

But after President Trump praised his comments, the star gave a clarification.

"I would never support anyone who has made a career of hatred, racism and discrimination," he wrote.

"Unfortunately, my attempt to support Kanye is used to discredit my brothers and sisters in the movement and I can not sit and let it happen."

A long-term advertising campaign?

In the end, it is possible that the entire controversy has been a bizarre, long-term promotional campaign for West's new music; but exchange of views seems genuine.

T.I. even suggested that Ye vs The People was recorded just two days ago, in the midst of the case of West's return to Twitter.

"Yesterday spent the day with Kanye," he wrote on Instagram on Friday.

"Still optimistic something from our discussion gon stick … I just refuse to give up on him."

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T.I. said on social media that he will not "give up" to the west

Before the release of Ye vs. The People, West tricked their fans by releasing another song – Lift Yourself – filled with nonsense lyrics.

The track opens with a sped-up in 1973 Amnesty Song Liberty, a spiritual call to weapons saying "we must strive for more freedom".

West's only contribution was a verse built around the lyrics: "Poopy-di scoop / Scoop-diddy-whoop / Whoop-di-scoop-di-poop."

The two editions are West's first new music since 2016 & # 39; s Life Of Pablo Album.

He has suggested that he will release a new album on June 1, followed a week later by a collaboration book with Kid Cudi.

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