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K-pop group BLACKPINK just launched their first collection of toy line with Jazwares

BLACKPINK’s new single “How You Like That” has taken the world by storm. With the song BLACKPINK broke a YouTube record and they played the single on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon. The K-pop group is expected to make a comeback in September 2020 with their first full-length album. Recently, BLACKPINK also released a collective toy line with Jazwares, and the products are all inspired by the four band members.

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BLACKPINK partnered with Jazwares to create a toy line

There are several products that BLINK can buy from BLACKPINK’s new toy line. Fans can purchase several three-inch dolls representing the four members: Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé and Lisa. There are 16 dolls in total, and each member has a doll designed with their clothes from their “Kill This Love”, “Ddu-Du Ddu-Du”, “Boombayah” and “Whistle” music videos.

All dolls are marketed as a mystery so fans don’t know which doll they bought until they opened the package. With the Mystery Pop Star set, BLINKs will buy a three-inch doll in a microphone-shaped case. The Mystery Superstar set is a heart-shaped case, and fans will receive extra accessories along with the doll. BLINKs can also buy a Light-Up Plush Heart that lights up BLACKPINK’s music.

“It’s so cute to see ourselves as mini dolls,” BLACKPINK told Teen Vogue. “We want to collect them all! It will be fun to mix and match … We were so impressed with the detail level of the doll’s clothes! “

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Members added: “We played with dolls and stuffed animals when we were younger, but we still keep plush dolls on our beds. We can already imagine them on top of our bed frames or on top of our drawers. “

The group just released a new song

On June 26, the K-pop band released a new single titled “How You Like That.” The song broke the record for the most viewed video during its first 24 hour release on YouTube, reaching # 1 on iTunes in the US

“This single is a more intense hip-hop song but retains BLACKPINK’s original color and personality. The message is talking about [how] In any given situation, we do not lose confidence and will rise, despite the circumstances we are in, the group told British Vogue.

Since 2019, BLACKPINK has experienced tremendous growth in popularity and fandom size.

“2019 was definitely an unforgettable year that brought us great joy. We were able to perform at bigger stages, meet countless people and we definitely grew and matured, ”BLACKPINK continued. “We still say, ‘Did those things really happen to us?’ Being able to meet our fans in person and see them enjoy and love our music gave us more responsibility as a group to show them a better and more advanced BLACKPINK. “

BLACKPINK collaborated with Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga released her sixth studio album Chromatica on May 29. The album included a collaboration with BLACKPINK called “Sour Candy.”

“We talked to Lady Gaga over a phone call and she said she liked our unique qualities as a group,” BLACKPINK told British Vogue. “We have all liked Lady Gaga since before our debut days, so it was a huge honor for us to be able to work with her. It was a very fun project and we hope everyone can enjoy it! “

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