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Jonathan Van Ness just got a haircut and I’m in love

This weekend, Jonathan Van Ness said goodbye to his long hair and a big big “hello!” to the lobby. That & right, folks: Queer Eye & aposs resident groomer got a short haircut, and to absolutely no & apos surprise it looks wonderful. (As in, gasped when-I-saw-that kind of wonderful.)

Fab Five & aposs beloved hair expert revealed his new cut on Instagram in a delightful selfie taken with the woman behind the magic: hairdresser Sherene from Arté Salon in New York City. In the photo, there is JVN who loses some of his hair behind his ear to show off the cut, with Sherene smiling next to him in a polka dot mask and light blue eyeliner.

“Got a new cut of @sherenethequeen I used to work with Sherene during my wonderful time back at @artesalonnyc,”

; reads the caption.

From the look of the photo, Van Ness had taken off several inches, as his hair used to reach the middle of his back – and now it only emphasized the bone. As for Why he chose to go short, yes, where & aposs a solid chance that it has to do with how hot and humid the weather & aposs has been this summer; perhaps he simply wanted to take off the load for a lighter and fresher feeling.

He & aposs are apparently not alone in wanting to go short for the summer – some may remember that fellow Fab Five member Antoni Porokwsi recently debuted a dramatic buzz, which fans went wild for.

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If we talk about, based on the comment section in Van Ness & apos’ post, people love his new look too. Example of thing: They & ask leave comments like, “no problem chiiiiic”, “So beautiful hair !!!!!!” and “um YES fresh 👏🏾.”

Of course, we & obsessed are obsessed with JVN & apos short hair transformation and can & apost wait to see how he continues to style it. Meanwhile, check out his secret to perfectly air-dried waves.

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