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Johnny Depp and Amber Heard Wedding Invite Promised “Drugs”

Invitations to the 2015 wedding rehearsal dinner for Amber Heard and Johnny Depp promised guests a “dance party and drugs,” according to the latest testimony in the actor’s explosive loading rights.

Details of the drug-drunk, Las Vegas start to the couple’s doomed marriage were revealed in court Friday at a London trial – where Depp sued the Sun newspaper for calling him a “wife-beater.”

“At seven o’clock, rehearsal dinner, after-dinner party and drugs and music,” the court heard the invitees listed, The Sun reported on Friday.

During his last testimony, Depp agreed that there were drugs throughout the festivities, but he could not remember the wording of the invitations.

“That seems to be the plan,”

; he said when asked about Heard, who allegedly organized that drugs were available for her peers.

Depp also once admitted that he told his lawyer that there had been drugs at the wedding and rehearsal dinner.

The bizarre wedding dinner invited was just the latest bombshell from the Salakian trial.

Earlier Friday, recently released sounds revealed the cooling moment that Depp allegedly carried a knife and repeatedly asked his then wife to cut him.

Later came evidence that a jealous and annoyed Depp allegedly threatened to cut Elon Musk’s penis – and even called the tech giant “Mollusk” – because he believed Heard was sleeping with him.

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