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Joe Biden no longer travels to Milwaukee to accept Democratic nomination

Biden will instead accept the Democratic nomination for president from his home state of Delaware, according to the Democratic National Convention Committee.

“From the beginning of this pandemic, we put the health and safety of the American people first. We followed science, listened to doctors and public health experts, and continued to adapt our plans to protect lives. A kind of stable and responsible leadership that America deserves. And that is the leadership Joe Biden will take to the White House, “said Tom Perez, chairman of the Democratic National Committee, in a statement.

An official told CNN that the decision was announced internally on Wednesday morning.

A spokesman for the Biden campaign declined to comment.

The convention is scheduled to take place from August 1

7-20, after the Democrats pushed their convention back by one month due to the coronavirus pandemic. Convention programming will be broadcast for two hours each night from 21:00 to 23:00 ET. Much of the democratic convention was already expected to be virtual and a majority of speeches and segments would already be taking place in places across the country.

Wisconsin health officials have informed the Democratic National Convention Committee that speakers for the 2020 Democratic Conference should no longer travel to Milwaukee because of the coronavirus, a well-known source told CNN.

That includes Biden and his possible running buddy. Nor will travel to Milwaukee, the source said.

This is the latest – and strongest – sign that the democratic convention will take place almost entirely.

This comes after ongoing consultations between health officials and convention officials about the pandemic.

The only speakers from Milwaukee, a party official said, will be voters and officials in Wisconsin who are part of the program. They will be prominent in the congressional speaking lineup, along with people from other swing states. But no major speeches will be made from Milwaukee.

“Fear of society is spreading in Milwaukee, with the media, production teams and party members just going to be too much,” a senior Democratic official told CNN. “We do not want to risk anyone’s health for this.”

The change in places for Biden’s speech is the most important change together with his running mate. The Vice Presidential nominee will deliver a speech from a seat to be determined after she is elected, the party official said.

The change is another blow to Milwaukee. But the official said the increase in Wisconsin cases – as well as coronavirus cases across the country – led to the change.

The announcement that Biden will accept the nomination in Delaware comes on the same day that President Donald Trump said he was considering keeping his Republican national congressional speech from the White House. Trump had scrapped his plans to give the speech in Charlotte, North Carolina, after colliding with the state’s Democratic governor over guidelines for coronavirus that affected the convention. Convention planners considered the White House’s southern lawn for approval, The Washington Post reported Tuesday night.

The coronavirus pandemic has improved the 2020 election cycle, forcing Democrats and Republicans to change the way they campaign and scrap plans for political conventions personally. The conventions are usually multi-day fundraising bonuses for each party and are attended by thousands and have run more than $ 100 million each.

The Democrats announced in June that they would significantly scale back their party’s convention, with organizers calling it a “Convention Across America,” with speeches and music and other performances from venues and major landmarks across the country. Milwaukee is a critical city in a crucial battlefield state.

Congressional delegates and members of Congress were urged not to travel to Milwaukee. The organizers informed the delegates that they would allow almost two weeks of virtual voting before the conference.

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