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Jimmy Kimmel says Kanye West is a mirror for trumpet

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Kanye West's visit to the White House on Thursday became punchlines in the masses for late night TV hosts. As Jimmy Kimmel expressed it: "The jokes do not write themselves ̵

1; or would I say that they did not write to today when Kanye West visited the White House."

In the television oval office meeting, West spent 10 minutes discussing hydrogen-powered plans, his admiration for President's trump and what the West said was the news media duty to cover the president positively.

"It's as if trump sitting across their own Twitter account comes to life." – JIMMY KIMMEL

Trevor Noah said it looked like the tables had turned when he saw west speed through a freewheel soliloquy and the president sat there listening, quiet and almost slaughtered.

"I really liked seeing Kanye make Trump feel how Trump makes us feel everyday." – TREVOR NOAH

"It must have been so confusing for Donald Trump, because you realize that Only other black guy he knows is Ben Carson. So now he's like: "Black people are the quietest, sleepiest and most talkative manic people I know!" " TREVOR NOAH

But how much does humor cost? Jimmy Fallon suggested that the president seemed more interested in photo opportunities than dealing with the effects of hurricane Michael, who pummeled the Florida Panhandle this week.

"The President spent the day with Kanye West, and Kid Rock was there too. Meanwhile, Florida people were like:" Do not worry, we'll only deal with this hurricane itself. "" JIMMY FALLON

At the same time, other concerns expressed about West's mental health. He stated at the Oval Office meeting that he had been "diagnosed" with bipolar disorder, but people near him told the People's Journal that he did not take medications prescribed by a psychiatrist.

Trump's proposal that it is "a very scary time for young men in America." He commented against the fall of Christine Blasey Ford's testimony, where she suggested that Kavanaugh had sexually attacked her.

Lab sang about the threats constantly dying for women in America, then ended with a call for electoral participation in the mid-term election.

At Olive Garden, Post Malone is also a family.

Jaboukie Young -White, " Daily Show ", the newest contributor, explained why young people do not vote – and why Noah can not be called young.

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