Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh cannot calculate Cincinnati coach Luke Fickell's view of the NCAA waiver process, August 13, 2019.
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Michigan football coach Jim Harbaugh has been vocal about his attitude to NCAA transfers, and on Tuesday he fired back on a claim that he blocked the waiver process after one of his former linemen, James Hudson, transferred to Cincinnati last season.

"Michigan did not block the waiver," Harbaugh said Tuesday night. "We wish James Hudson well. But it's not in the hands of the coach. It's not in the hands of the university. It's not in his hands. How the process works right now, these exceptions are determined by the NCAA."

Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh speaks during the Big Ten Media Days on Friday, July 19, 2019. (Photo: Jim Young USA TODAY Sports) [19659009] Cincinnati coach Luke Fickell, who talked about Hudson's transfer, told The Athletic on Tuesday "all the power is in the school's hands a player leaves," and that if a school wanted, it could help the transfer player get qualified.

Hudson, who signed with Michigan 2017, transferred in October, requesting an immediate waiver of eligibility, and the NCAA rejected his claim in May, at which time Hudson talked about his mental health issues and said the NCAA told r him that the claim was rejected because he did not tell Michigan administrators about his depression.

In July, at Big Ten media days in Chicago, Harbaugh questioned some depression-based transmission claiming, "The problem I see in it is that you will have guys who are (just will say), & # 39 "Okay, yes, I'm depressed." But along the way, I don't see it helping them unless it's a legitimate thing. But no one would know. "

In response to these comments, Hudson's mother, Glenda, told WTOL-TV in Toledo that during the waiver process, she told Harbaugh that her son was" down, depressed and unhappy. "

" Athletes, of all people, "she told the station," I'm sure there are plenty of athletes who are depressed and don't say anything, and to hear this kind of thing they won't. They won't do it because they get "he's lying." You are blamed for feeling how you feel. "

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Harbaugh, who said twice on the Big Ten media day he supports a free transfer for each player with no effect on eligibility, not agreed to Fickell's claim that Michigan "did not reverse the waiver," and asserted that Fickell operates under a different understanding of the NCAA's Exclusionary Rules.

"I read Luke Fickell's comments … Unless I read them incorrectly or incorrectly "I think he's under the impression that these exceptions are decided, coach to coach, in some way," Harbaugh said. "That's not the understanding I'm under. I understand that the NCAA decides these exceptions. Unless (Fickell) has something he can develop and share and enlighten us and the entire football world, I would really like to know what it is for that he called me in March and he wanted to know about the position switch that James switched from defensive line to offensive line.

"I said:" Yes, after two weeks of watching James In the defensive line, I personally went – not other coaches – up to him and said, "James, I think you've got the body as a really good offensive tackle." We don't require what positions players play at the University of Michigan.

"You can compete in whatever position you want. If you want to try it. He did. It turned out that he was really good. He was really good at the offensive line position. That's what I told Coach Fickell. Just as it happened when I talked to James in the field that day. "

Harbaugh said the conversation with Fickell reached a quarrel in March after Fickell" tried to train "him to say something that would help Hudson's exception be approved." I told him, I'm not going to lie, "Harbaugh said. "I can tell you that. I will tell the truth. Did not like the version I got. "

" I read the article, he asked a question in the article, "Harbaugh said, reading from notes he had taken before Tuesday's news conference." "What is most important? Your personal beliefs or what is the best of the child?" on that. The most important thing is the truth. And if (Fickells) questions what my personal beliefs are, that's what I think. I believe in being sincere, honest and telling the truth.

"I am surprised that he has come to where he is at by not knowing the answer to that question. He is trying to continue to do so because it is Michigan that blocked the surrender, or Michigan has somehow decided not to grant this And that, again, is not how this process works in my understanding. When it came to the exception, I did not write the waiver, our compliance asked me a question – they asked me the question of how the process happened when James switched from defensive line to offensive line "The same thing I told you right now, I told James on the field that day and I told Coach Fickell. That's the only part I've been asked to talk about by our compliance department."

They two have not spoken since, Harbaugh said.

"That was the time he called in March," Harbaugh said. "And I even told him in March, I said:" Coach, my understanding of this, you seem to think this is some kind of coach to train, we will work a deal here, and it's not my understanding of how this process works. "

" It didn't work that way when Shea Patterson transferred from Ole Miss to the University of Michigan. I was told I wouldn't have any involvement in it. the compliance departments would talk, the NCAA would determine Shea Patterson's eligibility. You asked me on several occasions, what do you know about Shea Patterson? I know nothing, I'm not involved in it, go back and look at your notes. that, did not talk to his lawyer, did not talk to his family. I said wh whenever the NCAA decides is what happens. We like that Shea is here whether he is eligible immediately or if he has to sit for a year or so. " 19459 029]

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