Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions talked about his controversial exit from the Trump White House. Veuer̵

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President Donald Trump sparred with his former state attorney general Jeff Sessions on Twitter on Saturday, days before Sessions competes in a bitter Tuesday election for his old Alabama Senate seat.

After again approving Sessions opponent in the Republican run-off – former Auburn University football coach Tommy Tuberville – Trump blasted Sessions as “a disaster that has left us all. We don’t want him back in Washington!”

Trump has been uncomfortable with Sessions since he withdrew in the investigation of Russian election disruptions that puzzled Trump’s first two years. Trump has explicitly linked Tuberville’s support to Sessions’s recall.

“My honor and integrity are much more important than these youthful insults,” Sessions shot back before criticizing Tuberville. “Your scandal-ridden candidate is too cowardly to debate. As you know, Alabama is not taking orders from Washington.”

Trump originally approved Tuberville for Sessions’ old spot in March. Tuberville and Sessions compete Tuesday for GOP nomination to meet the incumbent Democratic Sen. Doug Jones in the fall.

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Trump eventually fired Sessions in 2018, saying he would never have hired him in the first place if he knew he would withdraw from the investigation. Session’s recall eventually led to Robert Mueller’s appointment as special counsel and an almost two-year election probe that shadowed Trump’s early years in office. Trump was ultimately charged with a crime.

Over the years, Sessions has gone from being one of Trump’s most vocal supporters to becoming one of his often ridiculous topics. Sessions was the first senator to support Trump in the 2016 Republican presidential primary, giving his campaign legitimacy before this year’s Super Tuesday contests. Sessions supported Trump well before the official endorsement, celebrated with a “Make America Great Again” hat at a Trump rally in August 2015, and praised Trump’s plans for border walls.

In a TV interview last summer, Trump called Session’s appointment to the attorney general the “biggest mistake” in his presidency.

Trump’s attacks on sessions have continued throughout his Senate campaign. In May, Trump told Sessions to leave his contest.

“Jeff, you had your chance and you blew it,” Trump tweeted in an exchange with Sessions as Sessions once again defended his waiver. “You had no courage and destroyed many lives.”

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Despite Trump’s stiff opposition to Session’s bid for the Senate, Sessions has continuously used his support of Trump as an important part of his campaign. Sessions has been wearing a red “Make America Great Again” cap in ads, mentioning that he was the first senator to support Trump.

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