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Jay Inslee sounds an ominous warning as Trump’s failures increase

In an interview, Inslee, a Democrat, shared new details about how President Trump’s lack of “urgency” directly contributes to equipment shortages that hobble response efforts – and hinted at a worrying scenario going forward.

“We could use a stronger voice from the White House to mobilize this nation,” Inslee said. “We need a giant leap for humanity now, not just small steps.”

Inslee discussed difficulties in acquiring equipment that is inexplicable and annoying. As reported reports have shown, the federal government̵

7;s handling of medical supply chains has left states and health care providers crashed in a state of confusion and without much needed supplies.

As many experts have noted – and as Inslee reiterated – this is partly a direct rise from Trump’s failure to fully implement the Defense Production Act to march resources from the private sector.

The inability to obtain the necessary supplies for testing is still a major problem for the state of Washington, Inslee noted, but what’s specific to Why This is the case is remarkable.

A major problem is that the federal government’s random approach has created a huge mismatch in accessibility between different parts needed to enable testing.

For example, Inslee noted that the state has unused test capacity at the moment largely because it lacks one thing: the taps needed to take samples.

“It seems ridiculous that the United States can’t produce enough swabs to solve this problem,” Inslee told me. “I have 50 or 60 long-term care facilities that have infections in them that we literally haven’t been able to perform the tests we want for remaining residents and staff.”

Inslee said his condition Power has finally found a supplier that meets this need – for now – but he added that the lack of another part (like vials) will surely become a problem in the very short term.

The overall issue, Inslee told me, is “an insufficient supply chain” that is “insufficient for demand.”

One month of lost time

Inslee said this problem is directly traceable to “at least a month” of lost time, because “the president trivialized this problem and had not exploited the full strength of the federal government.”

“We should have been a month ahead on the supply chain compared to where we are,” Inslee said.

In another disturbing example, Inslee noted that he recently asked the CEO of a private company that manufactures the transport medium for testing whether it could increase double-shift production.

“She said, ‘Well, maybe – we have to find a way to fund it,'” Inslee told me, “which surprised him, because it seems like something the federal government should already be communicating with such manufacturers.

“I thought the federal government would have talked to every manufacturer in the nation that either does this, or could do this, at this point, and said, ‘Look, we’re going to fund a double shift,'” Inslee told me. “It has not happened.”

According to Inslee’s story, this has resulted in a double whammy: lack of deliveries and lack of coordination of the availability of parts. This can be mitigated by a much more robust and coordinated response through the Defense Production Act.

“We still haven’t had the federal government use all of its resources to really mobilize all the power of the US manufacturing base,” Inslee said.

An ominous warning

Along these lines, Inslee warned of another imminent problem.

Because coronavirus cases fall back over the next few months, if anything, More testing will be required. This is because when people are reassembled, it will be urgent to skip cases where people are showing symptoms again, and test them, to avoid a second wave.

“When we want to reopen our schools, because we want to reopen our industries, the amount of testing we need will actually increase,” Inslee said. “In the second wave, we have to have tests, a resource base and a contact tracking base that is so much more scaled than right now. It is a huge challenge. “

Inslee emphasized that many federal government officials work very hard and that in many cases the necessary equipment was delivered, for which he is grateful. But he reiterated his call to Trump to “urge to truly mobilize this entire industrial supply chain.”

“What we need now, what won World War II, was a quartermaster,” Inslee said. “That’s how you win a war. That’s what we need – a quartermaster.”

Recently, Trump was directly confronted with dazzling evidence of this. His own administration released a report documenting urgent shortcomings before hospital administrators around the country, which offered constructive suggestions on how the federal government could help save American lives.

Of course, it’s not the quarterback we need.

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