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Jason Knight TKO's Artem Lobov in rematch

Jason Knight lived up to his promise to roll back brawling in his Bare Knuckle FC 9 rematch with Artem Lobov, and the result was positive.

Knight fought a technical effort and blew Lobov's eye with solid blows on his way to a fifth round of TKO in the main line of the Mississippi Event Center in Biloxi, Miss.

“I stayed strategic. "I knew exactly what to do," Knight said in his post-battle interview. “I was prepared. I was technically sound and I was prepared for the fight in the right way. I told myself throughout the training camp that I will fight the battle that I will fight. "

It appeared from the beginning that Knight was anxious to use his length and reach more than the first battle. He joined some good hooks, and a hard right appeared short offset Lobov. Knight also implemented solid head movement, avoiding Lobov's winging shots and blending punches to the head and body.

Knight continued his momentum in the second frame, switched positions and set Lobov apart. Lobov struggled to find an effective range for himself. With a mouse under his eye, he was cracked with a straight right hand from Knight which resulted in the fight first. Lobov stood up before the bill, and Knight couldn't capitalize to end the fight.

The third round was delayed briefly as there was no doctor, but the action resumed and Knight resigned. There were no major moments in that middle frame, but Knight continued to avoid injuries. Lobov, who experienced multiple cuts on his face, had worse swelling around his eyes.

With Knight clearly ahead as he entered the fourth, Lobov picked up the pace of desperation. He mixed up his attitude and reach and landed some of his best shots in the fight, but the lack of influence made it difficult to get Knight's respect. Nevertheless, it was Lobov's best round.

In the fifth, Lobov's eye was damaged and almost completely swollen. Knight put the pressure back on and connected with more good punches. The knight caught Lobov with a counter to the right that struck Lobov in the eye, forcing Lobov to go down to his knees. He got up before the bill was done, but Lobov's corner had seen enough and told the referee to wave it at the 0:29 mark in round 5.

With the series between Knight and Lobov tied 1-1 after two Knights said he is prepared for a trilogy.

"Of course, if he wants it," Knight said. “I love that guy. I respect that guy; he respects me. Anytime he comes in here and wants to do it for the third time, I'm ready. "

However, Lobov acknowledged that he was emotional and was not ready to do anything for his future.

" Of course, I must go back now, "Lobov said. “The feelings are very low after a loss, especially a stop loss, so it (expletive) makes it doubly bad for me. You just have to accept it and accept it and move forward. I have to see what happens. "

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