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Jason Bateman will direct Superhero Customization Superworld

Jason Bateman 2017.

Jason Bateman 2017.
Photo: Matt Winkelmeyer (Getty Images)

That guy seems honestly unlucky, to be honest.

Per Hollywood Reporter, Jason Bateman collaborates with author Mark Perez (Game Night) to adapt the novel Super World, recently released by author and filmmaker Gus Krieger as an Amazon audiobook. . The story takes place in 2038, in a world where everyone has great powers, except the eccentrically named Ignatius Lohman. Lohman works with a white collar while everyone else, probably, will do cool super things all the time. But he gets his chance to become a hero when a villain rises up who can deny the superpowers.

Jason Bateman will lead the project, think of you, not act in it (as far as we know) – in recent years he has taken a turn as a director and seems to be pretty good at it. Bateman and Perez have previously worked together on the film Game Night, an action comedy 2018 where Bateman played the lead role against Rachel McAdams. It was a popular movie and shows that Bateman has the cones to pull off something in that superhero space.

The project will take place under the Warner Bros. banner – they have the book rights – directed by Bateman, written by Perez and produced by David Kanter and Jeff Okin from Anonymous Content. It has no release date yet.

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