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Jason Aldean on returning to Las Vegas: "This is the right attitude for me"

Jason Aldean, Country Music Academy's government performer, is back in Las Vegas this weekend for the 53rd Academy of Country Music Awards. The ceremony will take place about a mile from the scene of a massacre that killed nearly 60 country music fans in October.

CBS News "Vladimir Duthiers spoke to the country music star behind the stage at the MGM Garden Arena, preparing for his performance on Sunday shows.

" You know I think everyone tries to do this if I come back to Vegas, try to make it a bit bigger than it was, "said Aldean." To me, I know I have one million good memories in Vegas and one horrible. "

It has been about six months since Aldean's performance on a music festival was tragically cut off when a gunman opened fire on the audience from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel.

"I love this city, I mean, I love Las Vegas, I love this city. Looking forward to coming back here and I think this is the right attitude for me. To be out with the country music family, my friends and people in the country music world, "he said.

October's october shot was the country's deadliest mass photography. Forty-eight people were killed and hundreds injured. Aldean invited some of these survivors to watch his repetition Friday Afternoon.

"I like more than just happy to see them here … I just think we are, everyone who was there, we're all bound forever … So it's always fun to see the people and kind of neck because people do not get it if they were not there and so … I think it's therapeutic for everyone to talk about it, "said Aldean.

The healing process began less than a week after shooting when Aldean performed the Tom Petty song "I Will not Back Down" on "Saturday Night Live".

"I think we knew we performed on that show and if we did, the right way would be a big deal for everyone … I felt it was a kind, not just a healing moment for me but there was also a chance for me to tell everyone else it's terrible but it's okay to start the healing process and start downloading the pieces and continue, Aldean says.

For the past 13 years, Aldean has become one of the biggest stars in the country and sells more than 10 million albums. His eighth "Rearview Town, released on Friday."

"To be honest, the whole album was done other than four songs or something when the shot was shot. But to me … It's about putting things that have already kept you down, things that have been a black cloud hanging over you like putting it in the past and looking down the road for better days. "

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