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Jared Kushner says Russia's investigations are more damaging to the United States than a few Facebook ads

In his first public comment after an edited version of Mueller's report was released last week, Kushner, President Donald Trump's son-in-law, struck down and merged the findings of the report, stating that Russia's massive effort was to manipulate the election through social media.

"You look at what Russia did, you know you buy some Facebook ads to try to dissent and do it, it's a horrible thing," Kushner said in an interview at Time 100 Summit in response to a question about the Mueller study.

"But I think the investigations and all the speculation that has happened over the past two years have had a much harder impact on our democracy than a couple of Facebook ads," he continued. 1

9659003] In the edited version of the Mueller report The Special Council explained that the investigation into the possible interaction between Trump's campaign and Russia showed that the members of the Trump campaign knew that they would benefit from Russia's illegal action to influence the election, but did not take criminal action to help.

"Although the investigation showed that the Russian government thought it would benefit from a Trump Presidency and worked to secure that result and that the campaign expected it to benefit from information stolen and released by Russian efforts, the investigation did not show that the members of Trump the campaign collaborated or co-ordinated with the Russian government in election disorder activities, the report says.

Ask why the Trump campaign did not "reject Russian attempts to get close to the campaign," said Kushner on Tuesday that "we did not know that Russia did what they did."

"The concept of what they did was not even registered for us as ", he said.

" When the whole idea of ​​the Russian collaboration story came up, I was the first person to say that I am happy to participate in investigations. I thought it was a bit nonsense, to be honest with you, "Kushner continued.

The White House Senior Advisor also failed with the role of Russian social media in choosing their father-in-law.

Among Other Results in The report was how a Russian wizarding group, the Internet Research Agency, engaged in a year-long discord campaign in the United States – and eventually supporting Trump's choices – by creating and maintaining fake social media personas and activist organizations designed to look like They are run by real Americans.

According to the Mueller report, the IRA bought over 3,500 ads on Facebook and the spending amounted to about $ 100,000. The false social media and activist organizations created by the IRA reached tens of millions of people.

that they said they spent about $ 160,000, "said Kushner on Tuesday." I spent about $ 160,000 on Facebook every third hour during the campaign. "

[1 9659002] CNN's Marshall Cohen and Donie O & # 39; Sullivan contributed to this report.

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