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Red Bull F1 "2020 will be the most antagonistic battle" [F1-Gate.com]

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Red Bull F1 team representative Christian Horner said that the 2020 F1 World Cup was the most competitive fight of the hybrid era. He says he feels "ironic" given the drastic change in 2021.

Since F1 introduced the current engine package in 2014, Mercedes has won all championships, and although a major change of aerodynamic rules was applied in 2017, its benefit did not change.

Ferrari could challenge the title sporadically during that period, but Red Bull, which had won four consecutive titles in the previous era, could only occasionally win the race.

However, this year Red Bull made progress with a new engine partner, Honda, and Ferrari became a benchmark in pace during the second half of the year. Christian Horner says he has high expectations at the competition level during the 2020 season, but he is afraid that the competing gaps will be restored again by the 2021

change regulation.

"Mercedes has had such a dominant period. I want to congratulate Lewis, who has made a tremendous performance as the sixth world champion," says Christian Horner.

"They are benchmarks and the net feels a little counteracting. Usually, changes in regulation make it fall apart. Ironically, 2020 is before everything changes in 2021. It may be the most competitive year in the battle between the three teams."

Red Bull Honda withdrew a bit from Mercedes and Ferrari after winning the Austrian and German general GPs before the summer holidays.

However, Christian Horner believes that the team as a whole is strong enough to finish 2019 and believes that strong momentum must be maintained throughout the winter.

"I always thought this year would be a transitional period with a new engine partner. I have to sincerely commend all the progress Honda has made this year in terms of performance, "commented Christian Horner.

" We are making good progress during the year and have won two wins. We reached the pole twice, but only started once from the pole. It was a good candidate for that race. "

" It was very competitive in Monaco. Hungary could also win the race as well. The United States was also competitive again. It is important to speed up the winter and bring it in at the beginning of next year. "

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