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Dyson's new wireless vacuum cleaner "Dyson V11" Hands-on: It is completely complete. After being silent, it came to liquid crystal! Gizmodo Japan

Yes, this is the ultimate system.

I just announced "Dyson V10" in March last year, but it has already been a small change. And big little change!

One year after, Dyson announced the latest model of its flagship loader "Dyson V11" . When I touched the actual machine at the presentation meeting early, I will tell the hands on.

Next model, in one word, is 2019. Complete Dyson .

Photo: Kami and Kami

First The benefits of the newly added liquid crystal at the bottom are wonderful .

You can not only control the current operating mode of "Eco", "Medium" and "Strong", you can also monitor the operating status in real time and get the remaining battery level as an image.

For example, even if the remaining time is displayed as 3 minutes in the "strong" mode, the operating time changes immediately and the value 20 minutes or more appears when switching to "Eco" mode In addition, it is more convenient and accurate than remaining quantity control with indicator.

Video: Gizmodo Japan / YouTube

Also, when it gets clogged, cleaning the filter etc. when the filter is not properly installed etc. even the solution to the problem on the LCD screen Will be displayed. It is not necessary to search for a manual, and the number of requests to the Saposen will be reduced, and somehow the perfect solution!

Excellent silence, vacuum cleaning in the middle of the night

In addition, I think that is incredible, but this V11. It is wonderfully quiet.

There may be an image of Dyson = strong suction = loud noise, but new models become quieter year after year. I thought last year's "Dyson V10" is also quiet, but was the silence of the V11 special.

Video: Gizm Mode Japan / YouTube

Eco → Medium → Strong It seems that the current is changing in order, but in Eco mode, the surrounding noise is troubled in the middle position while talking in vacuum while talking in the vacuum. It is a level as "It is a vacuum cleaner" after being in a strong position. This is 11% quieter than the previous model.

Eco mode is clearly less volume than the dryer, so even if you only get cleaning time at night, Dyson V11 is OK. It is a collective house body, and there is no concern for scary pets and infants.

Photo: Hisashi Kogure

Our heart, the digital engine has evolved into "V11 (image right)" up to 125,000 rpm . In addition to the effect being improved by about 25% compared to the previous model "V10 (left)", a diffuser has been added to reduce suction and sound by arranging the air flow at the tip. This plays a role in silence.

Photo: Hisashi Kogure

Look at the internal structure, not just duffer but also filters, sound absorbers, absorbers, perforated baffles etc. with different methods based on acoustics. You can see that the noise reduction has been achieved.

Operating time varies depending on the attached head, but in Eco mode, the maximum 60 minutes is about 30 minutes in medium mode and about 5 minutes in strong mode. It is 40 minutes (Eco), 20 minutes (Medium) and 8 minutes (Strong) when wearing a cleaning head.

Considering the suction power, regular use is enough impressions in Eco mode, and it seems that the battery life has reached a good level without having to worry so much. If you vacuum for as long as 40 minutes, this will go away first.

Photo: Hisatoshi Kogure

Even this time I am aware that the design should "see" and the filter cover on the back is also a clear specification. You can also check how dirty the filter is.

I am surprised that when the strong position is used, the blown air gets hot and when I hold my hand I feel "oh, warm". That's why the number of yards and suction power is amazing.

Photo: Hisashi Kogure

See also updates of accessories. The two main models (V11 Fluffy + / V11 Absolute) now come with dedicated charging dog.

Dyson, it's cool but it's a bit sad to make a hole in the wall. I think there were many opinions (at least everyone around me said this), so I'm very happy! By the way, the tool clamp that can attach the attached bracket to the pipe, the V11 is connected with all models.

Photo: Hisashi Kogure

A tool clip can be worn with a firearm that tickles the boy's heart. I smoke a lot, it's quiet, it's cool and cool.

I want to know the state of the situation, I want to know the remaining amount of the battery, I want to know the maintenance method, I want accessories with the vacuum cleaner, I want a place for the vacuum cleaner, I want to clean quietly. And I want power that can be happy.

Flagship "Dyson V11" that can meet all these needs. What function should I add to the vacuum cleaner from now on? In my own self-esteem I felt the measure of the level I cannot answer.

"Dyson V7 Slim" submerged for Japanese households also appeared

Photo: Hisashi Kogure

Simultaneously Developed for Japanese households "Dyson V7 Slim" was also announced.

This is placed as a compact model of the existing V7 series, and the normal position is about 20 minutes (about 30 minutes for non-starter motors) and about 6 minutes in strong mode. The battery that lasts is not an enemy of the latest model, but still lights up.

The motor head is compact, the tube is short and light, and the weight is 2.2 kg. The only drawback to the "Dyson V11" that I introduced earlier is that it is about 2.72 kg, so it seems that this child has appeared as a response to it. For example, a plastic bottle is lighter than V11.

Photo: Kami and Kami

Maybe, This V7 Slim has a border size that can be handled with one hand.

The pipe is shorter and easier to handle. It is a recommended size for women with a machine that combines suction and footwork and good handling. Of course, men are like this one for light! I think many people say so. The latest technology and suction + silence is attractive, but dare to choose V7 in a sense of size! I also think I am an ant at all .

The price is about 70,000 yen for the latest model "Dyson V11" with liquid crystal and about 40,000 yen for the compact and narrow "Dyson V7 Slim". I think the V11 is a fairly advanced model among vacuum cleaners, but given this performance at this price, The answer in me is "Buy it!" .

Then use the suction force of "Dyson V11" which is 25% higher than the previous model (V10) last.

Video: Gizmodo Japan / YouTube

I think every time the Dyson demo doesn't have a sense of "Denjiro teacher"?

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