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ASCII.jp: The best in Japan when wearing uniform! Ayana Nishinaga's solo cover for "Cream" for the first time in four years (1/2)

November 11, 2019 19:00 update Opinion ● Shimizu Uniform girl magazine "Cream December issue of December 2019" (Publisher: Mediax, regular price: 1999 yen) A handshake memorial event was held on November 8 in Shosen Book Tower in Akihabara. Miracle for the first time in 2 years and 4 months since the August 2017 issue, which was a double cover with …

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Epic Seven – App store ڤ Google play play͵̵͵̵͵̵󥭥󥰤̤ – 4Gamer.net

ʲ᡼ ȯɽʸƤ򤽤Τ ޤ޷ Ǻ ܤ Ƥ ޤ Epic Sevenʥԥå ֥ˡ٤ App storeGoogle play͵̵͵̵ ͵̵ ͵̵ ˡ ˡ Yostar ܼ ҡ ܼ ҡĶʽĮ300 ͧư ո11ɽ Ĺãˤ2019ǯ117 ڡ˥ N ڡ˥ڡ˥ Epic Sevenʥԥå ֥ˡ٤ˤ ơApp Store Google Playξȥξȥ͵̵͵̵󥭥͵̵̤򤵤̤򤵤 줿 ȤΤ 餻 1945 Epic Sevenʥԥå ֥ˡ4 SUPER CREATIVEҤȯ ileg Smilegate MegaportҤ ost ost ost YostarρĤôƤ ޤ [19659005] Epic Sevenʥԥå ֥ˡ4 ϡApp Store Google Play …

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Create English words and solve puzzles! Page scroll "Typoman Mobile": excavation! Smartphone Game-Engadget Japan version

[Serie: Excavation! [Smartphone Game] We will continue to introduce such titles that are talked about, things that interest you, something that seems interesting, among smartphone games that are about the number of stars! This time we introduce "Typoman Mobile" . Excavation! "Typoman Mobile" is a side scrolling action game now available from BAITIAN TECHNOLOGY LIMITED. A unique game system that …

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