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Red Bull F1 "2020 will be the most antagonistic battle" [F1-Gate.com]

Red Bull F1 team representative Christian Horner said that the 2020 F1 World Cup was the most competitive fight of the hybrid era. He says he feels "ironic" given the drastic change in 2021. Since F1 introduced the current engine package in 2014, Mercedes has won all championships, and although a major change of aerodynamic rules was applied in 2017, …

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F1 | Proposes the opportunity to gradually freeze engine development after 2021 [F1-Gate.com]

Ross Brown, F1's sports director, acknowledges that the development of the F1 engine can be frozen. F1 regulation will change significantly in 2021, but the hybrid "power unit" will not change. Cyril Abitebourg, who represents Renault's Formula One team, says "I know exactly what will happen in 2021." "But what about fuels, biofuels, freezing, partial freezing, progressive freezing and full …

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Former boss "Colina is afraid to reveal the truth" [F1-Gate.com]

Michael Schumacher's former boss Willie Webber believes F1 legend Schumacher will recover from brain damage Say it. Willy Webber led Michael Schumacher to Formula 1 in 1991, but was not very successful, but worked with the F1 World Champion seven times until the 2010 comeback. However, Willie Webber said that Michael Schumacher had been completely shut down by his family …

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Max Verstappen pointed out that the local media was too "big mouse" [F1-Gate.com]

The Italian media was furious over Ferrari's "cheating" remarks by Red Bull Honda Max Verstappen, but Versapen's local Dutch media also admits it was "too big a mouse". Max Verstappen controversially stated that after the F1 American Grand Prix race, Ferrari suddenly fell due to it being sealed from an illegal increase in fuel flow system. Ferrari's Formula One representative …

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Defeat Pep City! Liverpool wins top-of-the-line battle with the biggest rival to conquer the League of Lust (SOCCER DIGEST Web) -Yahoo!

Destroy Pep City! Liverpool wins the long-awaited rivalry with the biggest rival (SOCCER DIGEST Web) Yahoo! Is there an opportunity to win a big victory on the impregnable base? Soccer Digest Web "Now the world's strongest" Liverpool and injured Manchester City problems … Premier League Tennoyama Go Goal. Man C wins 3rd series in a row (soccer channel) -Yahoo! Yahoo! …

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