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"RADIO CRAZY" 3rd edition added to Kaela, Nulbarich, My Fas, Green Yellow Society, etc.-Natalie

"RADIO CRAZY" 3rd edition added Kaela, Nulbarich, My Fas, Green Yellow Society, etc. タ リ ー Natalie THE BAWDIES, Paspie, Nekrai Talkie, teto, Gudomo and others decided! Skream! "FM802 RADIO CRAZY", ROTTENGRAFFTY 20th Anniversary Kits for Performing Implementation! 04 Limited Sazabys, MY FIRST STORY and others announced the third artist! Rock News Kimura Kaela / Gudomo / Straightener et al. …

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The Emperor's congratulatory song, "Why Arashi?" And controversy … "Sing this amateur" "Song power is too short"

The Emperor and the Empress (Photo: Representative Shooting / Reuters / Afro) The Idol Group Arashi was invited to the National Festival to celebrate the Emperor's faith on November 9. presence. He sang "Ray of Water" as a congratulatory song, but his voices are up and down. This song is composed by the composer, Yoko Kanno, which consists of three …

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Interview with director Hideo Kojima shortly after the release of "DEATH STRANDING" "I Want to Deliver Free and Connected Love" -GAME Watch

Launch event held on November 10 “DEATH STRANDING” World Strand Tour 2019 TOKYO, our magazine also has an event report (reference article). I had the opportunity to interview Hideo Kojima after the incident that led to one, so I want to deliver it. Kojima's first interview after the release of "DEATH STRANDING". Develop a game that was never experienced, the …

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"Pokémon Wild Area Search", a web content that allows users to explore new areas of "Pocket Monster Sword Shield", begins today

Pokémon Today (November 11, 2019), before "Pocket Monster Sword Shield" is scheduled to be released on November 15, web that can explore the new "Wild Area" area of ​​the game from the hero's point of view The content [Pokémon Wild Area Search] has been provided . Pokémo Wild Area Search Available in the Galar Region This is a content where …

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Mr. Katsura Sankin died suddenly at the age of 48, Master Fubunae "Whether This Happens" -Sport Message

Mr. Katsura Sankin died suddenly at the age of 48. Teacher, Fumie "Is this OK?" Sakai Sports Announcement Mr. Katsura Sankin Died to the 8th Appearance of Master Hansung Bunje Yahoo! News Katsura Sankin died and appeared in Hanchang-tei until the 8th Master is a branch of 168 cm, 100 km Giant Han Yuan Daily Sports. Synchronous Katsura rice purple …

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