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ASUS announces on November 20, if it is a new smartphone-mobile watch

ASUS launches November 20, Gaming smartphone new model or mobile phone Watch ASUS announces "something" on November 20 New "ROG Phone" or ITmedia ASUS new Game Phone announced in Japan on the 20th, presented for those who won the PUBG MOBILE and viewers Engadget Japanese version ASUS, "ROG Phone II" to be introduced domestically? PC Watch ROG Phone 2 will …

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Yamaha has started shooting Neucan completely wireless! Headphones friendly to your ears – Gizmodo Japan

Yamaha has started shooting Neucan completely wireless! Headphones that are friendly to the ears Gizmodo Japan Yamaha and the market for headphones / headphones entered the market. Complete wireless "TW-E7A" AV Watch Yamaha, Neucan built-in complete wireless "TW-E7A". "TW-E5A / E3A" not compatible with Neucan also announced PHILE WEB Yamaha, NC compatible fully wireless "TW-E7A" and other 5 types of …

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Onkyo audio equipment manufacturer Reduces audio sharing by 30% | NHK News

The audio equipment manufacturer "Onkyo", which has fallen into a bad business, once canceled the sales of its home audio company, reducing the number of employees in this department by 30% and streamlining. Announced a policy to measure. "Onkyo", headquartered in Osaka City, has been in the final deficit for the fifth consecutive year until Ototoshi, and in May sold …

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Elecom adopts a "yellowish" TPU case, new material from Mitsui Chemicals-Mobile Watch

Elecom will release a soft case that uses Mitsui Chemical's new material "FORTIMO" as a new product in the smartphone case "Gokumi" series. FORTIMO is a polyurethane elastomer that achieves both "no yellowing" and "high elasticity and high heat resistance", both of which have been considered technically difficult. By adopting this material in the TPU case for smartphones, it can …

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Is the iPhone 11 Pro an alternative to professional camcorders? Award-winning shooting personnel verified – Engadget Japan version

US CENT asked sister car information page "Carfection" to take a video introducing the car with only iPhone 11 Pro. The on-site shooting staff is a professional group that is known for their film style and has won a number of awards. Carfection took this challenge and decided to shoot a video of the Ford Mustang Brit in New Forest …

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