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James Comey's 15 questions to Robert Mueller

Former FBI director James Comey wrote 15 questions that he would ask former adviser Robert Mueller when he testifies to Congress next week.

"If I was a member of the Congress for five minutes to ask Robert Mueller, I would ask short questions from the report's summaries," Comey wrote in a piece for Lawfare on Friday.

Mueller will answer questions from House Judiciary and Intelligence Committee on Wednesday about his Russian involvement investigation in the 2016 election and whether President Trump prevented justice.

Mueller was appointed special council in May 201

7 after Trump fired Comey. He has been a vocal trumpet critic ever since.

In his report on 448 pages, Mueller stated that there was insufficient evidence that the Trump campaign was cooperating with Russia to win the election and did not decide whether the president prevented justice.

Comey's questions include:

"Did you find that there were a series of contacts between the Trump campaign and individuals with ties to the Russian government?"

"Did you find that Trump's foreign policy adviser said that the Trump campaign had received remarks from the Russian government that it could help the campaign through anonymous anonymization of information damaging candidate Clinton?"

"Did you find leading members of the Trump campaign, Russian representatives at the Trump Tower met after being told in an email that the meeting was part of Russia and the government's support for Mr Trump? "

" Did you find essential evidence that the President had been guilty of legal crimes? "

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