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James Comey "confused" by Mueller's obstructive decisions

Ousted FBI boss James Comey has trouble putting headlines around special councilor Robert Mueller's decision to neither charge nor liberate President Trump on the obstruction of justice.

"The part that is confusing is that I cannot fully understand what is happening Comey told an audience at the Belk Theater in Charlotte, NC, on Tuesday night, according to NBC News.

" I have great faith in Bob Mueller but I just can't tell from letters why he did not decide on these issues when the whole ground for a particular advice is to make sure the politicians do not make the most important fee decisions, "added the former FBI director.

Comey supervised Russia's investigation before he was fired by Trump in May 201


On Tuesday, he not only asked Mueller's decision to remain mum on the issue of barriers, but also the choice of lawyer William Barr and assistant lawyer General Rod Rosenstein not to charge. "The idea that obstruction cases are somehow undermined by the lack of evidence of an underlying crime, it is not my experience for 40 years to do this, and it is not jus the tradition of the Ministry of Justice, Comey said. "Obstruction crime is without regard to what you prove about the underlying crime."

In his summary letter Barr claimed that investigators who handled Russia's probe did not find any evidence of obstruction. He wrote that "to obtain and maintain a conviction conviction, the government would prove beyond reasonable doubt that a person acting in a corrupt intent is engaged in obstructive behavior."

Comey tried to be the most positive about Mueller's bargains on Tuesday night – told the participants that he was not "hoping for a certain result".

"The good part is that the specialist advisor got to finish his work and came to a conclusion," Comey said, noting how it is "Very very important for this country".

"The Russians really struggled massively with the 2016 election with the goal of harming a candidate and helping the other," the said continued. "It wasn't a hoax. It was a real thing."

Comey is scheduled to appear on NBC Nightly News on Wednesday to discuss the results of Russia's probe. He says he hasn't seen Mueller's report yet.

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