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“Jackass” star Steve-O tapes himself to sign for comedy special – deadline

Police and firefighters were called in the middle of a pandemic and raging fire season to free a jackass that was pasted on a Hollywood sign.

Only in movies, children.

Or in this case in a real promo stunt to market Gnarly, the new comedy special from Donkey star Steve-O, the aforementioned taped man.

In the latest incident, Steve-O and some assistants tied themselves to a sign at the lively intersection between Cahuenga Boulevard and Yucca Street in Hollywood with several layers of black duct tape. The cover covered him from the chest to the thighs, which left him shirtless, barefoot, but could socially post on Instagram.

“I’m connected to a sign right now,” Steve-O wrote on Instagram. “And want to emphasize that a team of real professionals rigged everything safely. There is zero chance that I will fall, and it is important to me that we do not waste any valuable urban resources on this. I̵

7;m happy to just hang out. “

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The stunt was to let “the world know about the project I worked so hard on”, he wrote with reference to Gnarly. He still complained of being sore after 90 minutes, and the police came out to monitor the scene.

“They say they’re not sure I’m committing any crime. I do not think so. I paid for the billboard, ”said Steve-O. “Hopefully no one gets too upset.”

Finally, firefighters answered a call at 9:35 a.m. and helped him unwind and climb down.

“A lot of resources [were used]”Los Angeles Police Department Chief of the Hollywood Patrol Division Brian Bixler told the Los Angeles Times. “We try to keep them the lowest for the fire brigade. But definitely the fire brigade has a lot of rigs out here, and it takes a lot of resources away from what we should do – make people safe. “

There were no charges against Steve-O for the stunt. The comedy special is available for streaming on Steve-O’s website.

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