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"It's either an escape tunnel or a shallow grave"

On Wednesday night, Jimmy Kimmel welcomed "King of All Media", Howard Stern, at his late night show. But the two "dear friends" managed to discuss only the most powerful man in the world, President Trump, for a total of 30 seconds.

"When Trump actually started winning, I would never have imagined seeing news companies quoting my show as if it were the Bible. It was just so weird. And they put my name in the debates and all that, and it was a bit surreal, "Stern explained. "And then I said to myself, maybe I'm a journalist? Journalism comes in weird ways, because I had all this amount of material with Donald Trump ̵

1; who, by the way, was the best radio guest ever to say things that no one else on the planet would say. "

Earlier on in the program, Kimmel was aiming for one of his favorite targets: Melania Trump. The comedian had previously joked that the White House's sinking hole was one of the first lady's escape tunnels to escape his misogynistic husband, and this evening he focused on her decision to set up a tennis pavilion on the White House grounds.

"While her husband is trying to dig up dirt on his opponents, the first lady is building a tennis pavilion on the White House lawn – for real. As if they'll be there to enjoy it, "Kimmel snapped, before showing a photo of Melania in green stilettos sticking a gold-plated shovel into the ground. “There she is and breaks the ground in her most robust pair of construction toilets. She's definitely digging an escape tunnel, isn't she? It is either an escape tunnel or a shallow grave. "

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