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WhatsApp, the trick for time messaging is arriving: how it works

Updates continue on WhatsApp, with a new trick that includes timed messages. Let’s see how the new trick on the app works.

WhatsApp trick
How to enable the trick with timed messages (via Pixabay)

The updates to the world’s most used messaging app do not end, WhatsApp try to start the message trick in time. The trick is already on some WhatsApp competitors, like Telegram e Signal. Only these last two apps have climbed the charts in recent months, which by the way undermines the most used messaging app in the world.

Currently, the WhatsApp timed message feature is not yet available, but one of the fan’s applications has discovered the trick to resolve Ideas deficiency. Let’s see how to apply makeup on WhatsApp and thus complement the app with a feature that is only available on Telegram and Signal.

WhatsApp, here’s the trick for time messaging: how to proceed

WhatsApp trick
How to activate the brand new trick (photo Pixabay)

If there is an error in the messaging app, but generally of all applications in the group Facebook, it is slow to apply the updates. In fact, time messages are the most requested features, but the app added Zuckerberg he still needs to introduce them to his database.

But a little trick can help you. Actually, “WhatsApp says“, Which not only guarantees the anonymity of the message we want to send, but also the time, which, as for Instagram, is of 24 ore. So we can publish the status of only certain users and will change the privacy between the settings. Once the story has been shown by the person to whom we want to send the message, it will be our job to immediately remove the status.

Obviously, it’s not the same convenience as Telegram’s and Signal’s timed messages, but it’s still a valid option, especially for not installing other applications on our smartphone. The only alternative to this method is private chats, which, however, can always be tracked unlike Telegram’s secret chats.


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