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USA, NBC: Hamza, Bin Laden's son and heir, is dead

According to the US broadcaster Nbc the United States would have received information on intelligence that Hamza bin Laden, son of Osama bin Laden and heir to his father in the leadership of al Qaeda, would have died. Nbc cites three US officials, however, who did not provide information on where or when he died or clarified whether the United States played a role in the affair. In March last year, Washington had made a million dollar profit to capture Hamza, who was considered the leading al-Qaeda leader.

Hamza had threatened the United States with terrorist attacks to avenge his father's death, killed in 201

1 Pakistan by a command of the Navy seals. In 2015, he spread a message calling on the jihadist's unity in Syria and calling for the "liberation of Palestine". The latest public statement from bin Laden's son – writes Nbc – goes back to 2018, when he threatened Saudi Arabia and called the residents of the Arabian Peninsula to revolt.

When his father moved to Afghanistan in 1996 and declared war on the United States, the then child appeared with him in a propaganda video of al Qaeda. In Pakistan's 2011 raid where navy seals killed Bin Laden, the idea behind the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Hamza was not found in the Abbottabad association. Brother Khalid was killed along with his father.

After bin Laden's death, three wives and their children were allowed to return to Saudi Arabia, but no news of Hamza. It was assumed that it could be in Afghanistan, but also in Pakistan, Syria or Iran.

One of his half-brothers told the Guardian last year that Hamza could be in Afghanistan and that he had married his daughter by Mohammed Atta, the chief of the hijackers at the Twin Towers. Riyadh announced that he had lost his citizenship after the US Department of State deposited a million dollars in March for information leading to his identification or location.

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