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"Turn off the lights and look at the sky": Mission Dark Sky, the campaign against light pollution

«We are launching an information and communication campaign against light pollution. Therefore, against the waste of electrical energy and in favor of astronomical observations ». This is evident from Emmanuele Macaluso, a marketing, communication and scientific divulger on space issues, who is the founder of Mission Dark Sky Missione Cielo Buio (Missione Cielo Buio), an awareness campaign starting May 23, which will cover all of Italy, and involving experts and researchers.

And so much light to steal the stars: "Italy is among the G7 countries that use the most electricity," explains Macaluso ̵

1; and we can also see it from the clear images that astronauts send us from the International Space Station. all aware of the consequences and abuse of public and private lighting equipment and want to spread research and self-produced material from scientific partners and research institutions through communication and press channels ". And all this is also aimed at astronomers and amateur astronomers, who, due to the increasingly concentrated light sources, are having increasing difficulties for astronomical observations.

Mission Dark Sky actually starts from the popularization initiative of the Cosmobserver site, founded by Emmanuele Macaluso in late 2014, and that less than five years of astronomical and astronautical information activity has already reached large numbers on social networks and not just: "The Campaign We Start It May 23, it will involve research, institutional and communication agencies and everyone who wants to participate in the project, who sees researchers like Fabio Falchi, first author of the world atlas about pollution, among our employees who are researchers about the problem of light pollution. Bright. "[19659004] The problem is also about possible effects on human health and on the effects of flora and fauna, as Macaluso pointed out in his latest scientific work: "We hope Mission Dark Sky – concludes Macaluso – is the beginning of a new way to save energy and give more opportunities for our country's watchmen to review the cosmos as it once did The big children are convinced that the stars in the sky are a little more than a dozen. In reality, where there are no light sources, thousands of them can be observed. "

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