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traces of asbestos, cancer risk

  Johnson & Johnson talk for newborns recalled: traces of asbestos, cancer risk

Johnson & Johnson is overwhelmed by thousands of consumer complaints and lawsuits due to cancer and other health damages attributed to the use of J&J talk products. The company has begun the first withdrawal from the market of a portion of its talk for infants and children due to the presence of traces of asbestos . The pollutants of the carcinogen have been identified in tests conducted by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA): this is the first removal of a talcum from J&J, which has always denied contamination with toxic pollutants of its products. The recalled lot is # 2231

8RB, including 33,000 packages purchased online from an unidentified retailer.

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Johnson & Johnson at the end of Dow30, weighing a $ 8 billion fine for antipsychotic

Fda found traces of "chrysotile asbestos". J&J announced that it had initiated a "rigorous internal investigation and decided to withdraw the party as a precautionary measure". The company also announced that it is cooperating with the authority "to determine the integrity of the samples examined and the validity of the test results".

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