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thousands flee for a reason

WhatsApp is now losing users: thousands are fleeing for a reason

Make the necessary reflections and commitments when relating to many platforms on the web. Among these also falls to the right WhatsApp, obviously one of the most used every day because of its features that are now known to everyone.

The well-known instant messaging app could change the course of events with regard to telecommunication. Suffice it to say that the much-loved text messages have almost completely retired because even telephone advertising no longer includes them. WhatsApp has therefore allowed everyone to change their habits and succeed in introducing functions very interesting that goes far beyond simple messages. It seems to be all roses, even if it really is not. In fact, many continue to complain about the messages running in the chat, which often contain scams.

WhatsApp, now several users are tired: many leave the chat

It has happened so many other times that we have talked about such a situation. WhatsApp is an application that does not leave any type of users, so there are also those who just do not want text. Many people really spread incredible scams in order to extort money to the next, and unfortunately WhatsApp can not blame this.

With a few updates, the application tries to counteract the phenomenon, but it really can not be more than this. But many have decided to flee and go to the competition that is best represented by right now Telegram. We will find out as the weeks go by if it was just an isolated phenomenon or maybe an upcoming trend.

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