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Therefore, bananas are not the richest food in potassium

Therefore, bananas are not the richest food in potassium. In the ordinary imagination, when we talk about potassium, we immediately think of the banana. But is it really the food that contains the most?

What is potassium and what is it used for?

In the guidelines from January 2013, the WHO (World Health Organization) recommended consumption of approximately 3,510 mg of potassium per day for adults. Because? Potassium is a mineral that regulates the water content of cells and plays a fundamental role in the synthesis of proteins, as well as being involved in the control of blood pressure. Its deficiency in the body can lead to tachycardia, muscle weakness, nausea and palpitations, confusion and drowsiness.

Especially getting the right amount of potassium is very important for those who exercise, especially at high levels. But it is not the only mineral to be considered in this case: sodium, calcium and magnesium must also be taken regularly and in the right amounts.

Are bananas the highest potassium food? Let̵
7;s dispel a false myth!

Let us be clear: it is not wrong to think of the banana as a potassium-rich fruit. It really contains a lot (358 mg was 100 g) but there are several foods that make a greater contribution, as explained in a short article published on the official website of the Istituto Superiore di Sanità.

Here are some foods that contain a higher amount of potassium than banana:

  • Dried borlotti beans (1478 mg per 100 g)

Have you never heard of it? Know then that they can recognize the light skin that wears reddish-brown spots, which stand out precisely because they are darker.

  • Potatoes (570 mg per 100 g);
  • smoked salmon (420 mg per 100 g);
  • pistachios (972 mg per 100 g);
  • beans (1145 mg per 100 g);
  • chickpeas (881 mg per 100 g);
  • almonds (780 mg per 100 g).

Bananas are not even fruits (excluding dried) that provide a higher potassium supply, than less food! In that sense, it really is solo in fourth place after currants (370 mg per 100 g), kiwi (400 mg per 100 g) and avocado (450 mg per 100 g). When dried, apricots also contain a large amount of potassium (1260 mg per 100 g).

This was Therefore, bananas are not the richest food in potassium. For more information, consult Is eating eggs bad for you?

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