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the success of a therapy developed at the Idi in Rome

Baldness can be cured: success for a therapy developed by Romani Idi

Losing hair is a real personal drama for men and women, especially young or even twenty years. The hair since ancient times has been described as a symbol of strength and virility, seduction and beauty. But without interfering with Samson and Berenice, Persephone and Medusa, the reality is that hair loss is perceived as a loss of its own image and of the same identity.
Also, the strong psychological effect has taken into account the researchers at the Rome Institute of Immaculate Dermatology (Idi) Ircs, which, with innovative biological and cellular therapy based on infiltration of blood derivatives, has achieved great success: hair regrowth in 80% of patients treated for androgenetic alopecia

The study describing the treatment was published by the US journal Dermatologic surgery. And it emphasizes the importance of platelets and certain proteins contained in the blood, concentrated using a hemoconcentrator designed and manufactured by an Italian company. The blood component, iL-PRF, is therefore a plasma rich in platelets, white blood cells and fibrin. Research is the most important for the number of patients ever completed. 1

68 people (102 men and 66 women) who had lost their hair for androgenic alopecia were studied and followed for three years. Twenty-eight years median age for men, 36 for women. Another control group with untreated patients was followed during the same period by researchers who experienced a deterioration instead. « A possible scope for this technique also applies to patients who have lost their hair due to chemotherapy " explains Giovanni Schiavone, the first author of the study and director of the regenerative medical device in the IDI of Rome.

The research also involved Damiano Abeni, Head of the Idi Epidemiology Unit, Francesco Ricci, of the Operational Unit of Melanoma Idi, and the dermatologist and researcher Andrea Paradisi. The mechanism in simple terms gives a blood sample to the patient, plasma rich in platelets, white blood cells and fibrin separated from the rest by the use of the hemoconcentrator. Plasma is then injected into the head area where there has been hair loss.
Therapy can be used several times, has no side effects except in some cases a swelling or burning sensation between 48 and 72 hours later and dissolves spontaneously. The technique is a part of regenerative medicine that has been used for years to counteract certain diseases such as knee arthritis. The improvements we have read in the study have also been highlighted in patients suffering from severe forms of alopecia. Treatment in Italy is only available at the Idi regenerative medicine unit in Rome, following a visit by the dermatologist. According to the agreement, the cost is 1 500 euros, a cost is not low, but if you think of all the money spent on lotions and bottles for most cases ineffective, it is likely that the investment to get back the hair seems cheaper.

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