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The Greek wins the title "Champion of the Year" after an epic final! – OA Sport

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21.55 Thank you all for joining us and good night!

21.54 Stefanos Tsitsipas wins 6-7 6-2 7-6 against Dominic Thiem at the end of an epic final! The Greek is the first tennis player ever to do back-to-back Milan / London, it is in both the NextGen Finals and the end of the year Master. The Hellenics win the most important cup of their young career, against the Austrian, who struggles to the end, but, while recovering in the last tie-break, must say goodbye to dreams of glory: still a defeat in a prestigious final, as at Roland Garros. The 1

993 class ends an excellent season with a bitter taste: the 21-year-old Greek, flying in Olympus of the great!



6-4 DOUBLE MATCH POINT! Tsitsipas one step away from the title.

4-5 TURNED OUT OF THE SERVICE! Tsitsipas can be used for the match with two services.

4-4 WHAT A REPENT OF YOU! Austrian Bludger: Tsitsipas in Crisis

4-3 WHAT TO ATTACK YOU! INCREDIBLE MATCH! Thiem does not hesitate and throws with the right long line and then closes with the crush.

4-2 Attack Thiem without fear: backhand from Tsitsipas ending in the net.

1-4 The backhand betrays again: blowing the net and double mini-break for Tsitsipas

1-3 LARGO THE REVERSE OF THIEM! Tsitsipas mini-break

2-1 SMASH OF TSITISPAS! The Greek attacks the net after a long right.

1-1 Thiem is right: short to point

1-0 Excellent before the Austrian.

6-6 The last tournament of the year, it is decided to tie-break!

40-30 Thiem attacks with the diagonal right: Attention

30-15 Bravissimo Tsitsipas attacks with

backhand volley: ends with the crush.

15-15 Long also Thiem's ​​right.

0-15 Tsitsipa's service and right: off the long line.

6-5 Thiem ensures tie-break!

30-15 He attacks Thiem without fear: the Austrian shuts with the crush.

15-15 Double foul for the Austrian

15-0 Service and the right for Thiem.

5-5 The service wins: zero that comes to life.

30-0 Thiem's ​​long backhand at a good Greek premiere.

15-0 Ninth Ace for Greek.

5-4 Thiem holds the post: Tsitsipas will serve to stay in the match. [19659007] 40-15 Double foul for the Austrian who did not understand if he would pull the other.

40-0 Wrong line in front line d Thiem.

30-0 Thies service and bang in the air

15-0 A good first for the Austrian

4-4 Thiem had returned to the field after the attack by the Greek who then closed with the right under acceleration.

40-30 Right in a cross just outside: another chance for 4-4.

40-15 Thiem does not find passers-by right: Tsitsipas had attacked the net.

30-15 Bravissimo Tsitsipas with the front backhand: point to point is played.

15-15 Thiem attacks without mercy: deep right and Tsitsipas in trouble

15-0 Good before Tsitsipas.

4-3 Thiem wins the service to zero and now the inertia of the match is against him. [19659007] 40-0 Thiem's ​​first performance.

30-0 WHO IS FROM THIEM! The Austrian hangs himself and finds the winner of the line

15-0 Thiem's ​​level rises: diagonal right

3-3 Along Tsitsipa's opposite: towards Thiem & # 39; s break

30-40 He risks Thiem two sometimes and eventually the dish is long.

15-40 DUE PALLE BREAK THIEM! The Austrian takes advantage of Tsitsipa's short attack, which then misses the holes.

15-30 LONG FLYING SWEEP! Tsitsipas attack on goal but wrong

15-15 Along the law of the Austrian tennis player

0-15 We take the first Thiem point: deep to the right as Greek is not reactive.

2-3 Thiem keeps changing service but lags.

40-30 Tsitsipa's right to be expedited and attacked

40-15 Stecca Thiem: the Austrian is slow to leave the service.

30-0 The Austrian tennis player attacks the network: the Greek passers-by do not work.

15-0 He shoots with the right: Thiem tries to remain tied to the match.

1-3 Other games won to zero: fly Greek

40-0 Thiem exhaust: The Greek continues to hammer in the reverse diagonal

30-0 Excellent before the Hellenic.

1-2 BREAK TSITSIPAS! The Greek gets the break and climbs 2-1 in the third set: The Greek tries to fly away to victory.

30-40 Cade Tsitsipas! Thiem, with courage, shoots with the diagonal to the right and closes the net.

15-40 DOUBLE BALLBREAK FOR TSITSIPAS! The Greek takes advantage of the Thiem error.

15-30 Bravissimo Tsitsipas who come very far from Thiem's ​​demi-volée: the Austrian closes on the Greek lobby.

0-30 Austria double foul!

0-15 Thiem tries to backhand the passer: hit the tape.

1-1 Tsitsipas dominates the first game at the service and wins it to zero.

40-0 Tsitsipas plays sublime: acceleration of straight and near the front line

30-0 Another winning service of the Greek

15-0 Ace of Tsitsipas.

1-0 Thiem saved after 7 minutes of play and two break points were canceled.

AD-40 Austrian winning service

40-40 Austria's ace was made more difficult by the hawk eye! But Thiem is still saved by the great Greek law.

40-AWESOME TSITSIPAS! The Greek first presses with the backhand and then closes the hammer with the right: Thiem exhausted.

40-40 Thiem shoots with right: break the ball saved.

30-40 TSITSIPAS SHOW! BALL BREAK! The Greek defends himself to the limit, Thiem shortens, Tsitsipa's attacks and closes the net.

30-30 In reply directly to Thiem's ​​feet.

30-15 Sixth Ace for Thiem.

15-15 Another extreme defense of the Hellenic who raise the lobe: save Thiem with a crusher after a large volée.

0-15 Drive off the back of Thiem: Tsitsipas is a wall.


20.48 Stefanos Tsitsipas wins the second set of 6 matches in 2 in just 26 minutes: the Greeks dominated the game, running away 3-0 in just 10 minutes and then flying to the third deciding set.


2-6 SECOND SET A TSITSIPAS! The final is decided in the third set!

40-30 Thiem interrupts one with an excellent diagonal right.

40-15 DUE SET POINT TSITSIPAS! The Greek can close the partial.

30-15 Settimo Essence of Greek.

0-15 Along the opposite to Tsitsipas.

2-5 The Austrian plays another game but the set is gone: Tsitsipas can close the partial.

30-15 Thiem errors trying to fly back: the ball was too low.

30-0 Service and the Austrian Law.

15-0 With security Thiem, attacks the network and closes the point.

5-1 Games dominated by Greek: set compromised.

40-0 Service and Greek Law.

30-0 Thiem doesn't find the right field in driving force: out a bit.

1-4 Thiem wins the game: compromise set.

40-0 Right Diagonal Thiem Attacks: long lobe.

30-0 Good external seconds of class & # 39; 93.

15-0 Thiem's ​​service and right.

4-0 Greek break confirmed: Thiem scored only two points in the second set.

40-0 Quinto-Ace for Tsitsipas.

19659007] 30-0 Very bad Thiem's ​​mail is still online.

15-0 Thiem is back in the net: Tsitsipas wants to escape.

0-3 BREAK OF TSITSIPAS! Total Greek dominance in 10 minutes

15-40 Two more breakpoints for Greek! Tsitsipas reaches the short ball and finds the winning lob.

15-30 tenth points in three Greek games.

15-15 WHAT TSITSIPAS REPLY! Crossing of lines for Greek

15-0 Long answer from Tsitsipas.

0-2 No answers Thiem: the break confirmed.

40-0 No service in Greek is played.

15-0 Good before the Hellenic.

0-1 BREAK TSITSIPAS! Thiem suffers from the psychological factor in the first set.

15-40 Along Tsitsipa's lob following the Austrian attack online.

0-40 THREE PALES BREAK TSITSIPAS! Another error from Thiem.

0-30 Thiem comes up with the right diagonal: the Greek can take advantage of it.

0-15 Tsitsipas tries to operate with the backhand.

SECOND START SET [19659007] 20.22 Dominic Thiem wins the first set at a draw after so much balance, where the Austrian gained his depth and experience, interrupting three break points and then ending the second game, the brave game: Tsitsipas in the truth moment.


8-6 FIRST SET TO THIEM! After more than an hour, the Austrian wins the first game.

6-7 Long right on Tsitsipas: another set point for Thiem.

6-6 Bravissimo Tsitsipas who attacks the net and closes with smash: set not suitable for the faint of heart

6-5 Wrong response from Tsitsipas: setpoint for the Austrian

5-5 Mini-break recovered! Right just outside Thiem.

4-5 Another short answer from Thiem: Tsitsipas believes in it.

3-5 The Greek shoots with the crossed right: Thiem's ​​defensive backhand stops on the tape.

5 -2 Wide right at Tsitsipas.

4-2 On the right in response to Greek: you turn.

2-3 Bravo Tsitsipas closing with full subnet.

1-3 Tsitsipas with the backhand: The Greek tries to remain tied to the set.

3-0 dominates the Austrian! Thiem climbs into the chair with the choices and closes with the crush.

2-0 Service and right on Thiem.

0-1 Wide backhand of Tsitsipas: difficult start.

6-6 Crazy stop-volley of Thiem pulls the set to tie-break

AD-40 Austria's second charge.

40-40 WHAT IS IT! Tsitsipas attacks without mercy, finds an impregnable right-hander but Thiem comes there, and then misses the simplest backhand with the Greek forge.

40-30 How Thiem drives! Unbeatable diagonal right that sends the Greek out of the field.

30-30 Thiem shoots to the maximum: linokommers fortissimo.

15-30 Service and Austrian Law.

0-30 Reverse in Thiem's ​​net: attention

0-15 Loses Thiem supports: long right

5-6 Tsitsipas holds the service and ensures tie-break.

40-30 Austria's wide response.

30-30 Greek wide diagonal right: Thiem puts pressure.

30-15 Good before Greek.

15-15 Short attack from Tsitsipas attacking the net: Thiem finds passers-by.

15-0 Tsitsipa's pound with the crossed right

5-5 Thiem very good, commanding the exchange with the right line and then closes the net.

40-15 Thiem turns upside down with reverse: excellent exchange of Tsitsipas.

40-0 Thiem moves Greek: backhand on the tape.

30-0 Tsitsipas can't find the answer right: Thiem wants to close the game quickly.

15-0 Excellent before Thiem

4-5 Clean and solid Tsitsipas attack the net. Thiem serves to remain in the set.

40-15 Thiem does not find the answer to the second depth of Greek.

30-15 Excellent before the Greek.

15-15 Large demi-volée of Tsitsipas serving & volley and thieves right on the feet of Thiem.

4-4 Thiem breaks two breakpoints that play with personality: London balance.

AD-40 Thiem finds another right in depth: The Austrian goes back

40-40 HOW TO FEED YOU! The Austrian throws himself forward, finds the right front line and closes the net on Tsitsipa's pass.

15-40 EXCHANGING! Two balls breaking! Tsitsipas struggles to exchange but defends himself with short answers that send Thiem with the law.

15-30 What the right answer for Tsitsipas: right on the front line

15-15 Ace of the 26 year old. [19659007] 0-15 Thiem doesn't start well from the middle of the field.

3-4 Bravissimo Tsitsipas who, after 7 minutes of play, saves two break points and stops ahead.

AD-40 Thiem late on second.

40-40 Bravissimo Tsitsipas who plays the score online after an excellent acceleration of the law.

40-AD Wrong call by a referee making the point where Thiem pressed the game again. [19659007] 40-AD Yet another Greek mistake; still breaking the ball.

40-40 Bravissimo Tsitsipas who breaks the breaking ball by climbing to the net on others.

30-40 FIRST BALL BREAK AND FOR YOU! The Austrian gets the chance after the Greek wide right.

30-30 Long reverse by Thiem.

15-30 Tsitsipas risk being led from the back to the front line "from his home" by Thiem: the Greek rises to the net and wins the point.

0-30 Here is the first moment of the Greek crisis.

0-15 Splint with the right Tsitsipas: Thiem's ​​deep response.

3-3 Thiem goes up in the game and restores parity

40-30 Very good Thiem who forces his game and attacks the net with backhand volley

30-30 Another long-term exchange: long backhand by Hellenic.

15-30 Thiem misses a penalty!

15-15 Tsitsipas moves the Austrian: closing with the cross right.

15-0 Excellent before Thiem.

2-3 Tsitsipas he retains the service without problems: the Greek seems to be in better shape so far.

40-15 Avoiding the back of Tsitsipas: blow in the corridor.

30-0 Tap the Greek fly that opens the field with a straight and closes the point.


2-2 Bravissimo Thiem who saves himself by canceling a break-ball: set that promises show.

AD-40 Good before Thiem. [19659007] 40-40 Thiem presses very hard to push the Greek away from the back line and interrupt the breaking ball.

30-40 BALL BREAK TSITSIPAS! The Greek gets the first chance to catch the service by attacking the net.

30-30 Tsitsipa's answer to the backhand is long.

15-30 Excellent before the Austrian.

0-30 Thiem & # 39; s Serve & Volleyball: long volée.

0-15 Thiem encounters another mistake with the opposite: the number of exchanges is growing.

1-2 Long back of Thiem: Tsitsipas forward.

40-30 Service and justice for Tsitsipas: stroke in the corridor.

40-15 Thiem first point in response: win forehand forehand

40-0 Other Greek aces.

30-0 Tsitsipas bolide diagonally.

15-0 Service and right cross of Tsitsipas: Thiem arrives but cannot find the field.

1-1 Thiem also closes to zero: quick start for both.

40-0 Still an excellent service of the Austrian: not us the Greek arrive.

30-0 Thies good first debut.

15-0 Tsitsipa's diagonal backhand holds

0-1 Tsitsipa's second ace s that win the service at zero: what a start.

40-0 Ace of the # 6 in the world.

30-0 Service and diagonal right of Tsitsipas.

15-0 Good first of the Greek. [19659007] The 0-0 Finals show begins! Tsitsipas beats


19.09 Who wins the 50th edition of O2 Arena? The one-handed friendly fight begins soon.

19.07 The warm-up begins in London.

19.05 Players on the field!

19.04 Stefanos Tsitsipas on the other hand was bettered by the Germans and Daniil Medvedev in the Andre Agassi Group, fighting against Rafael Nadal: yesterday he dominated Roger Federer in the semi-finals.

19.02 The Austrian won against Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic, only to lose the irrelevant match against Matteo Berrettini in the group Björn Borg: in the semi-finals, # 5 in the world, Alexander Zverev beat 7-5 6-3.

19.00 Dominic Thiem and Stefanos Tsitsipas made their mark immediately from the start of the tournament: they both finished the group stage in the rankings

18.58 The Greek reached the first final of his career in Madrid 2019: he also lost in Dubai and Beijing, except Miami -finals in double.

18.56 Stefanos Tsitsipas is in sixth place in the classification and after the victories in Marseille and Estoril, which are added to the trophies in Stockholm and Next Gen 2018, want the fifth career trophy.

18.54 Thiem reached the second final of the Slam in his career, also at Roland Garros, last June and lost to Rafael Nadal: Austria ready for the first victory in a major 2020?

18.52 The 26-year-old has reached 7 finals, one more for the Greek and two less for Daniil Medvedev, than with the 9 finals, is the record holder for 2019: Austria, however, will come to Russia in fourth place in the ATP classification at the end of the tournament.

18.50 Austrians are back from the best career season: # 5 in the world has won 5 titles in 2019, including the first 1000 at Indian Wells, in addition to the victories at home in Kitzbuhel and Vienna, rounded Barcelona and Beijing.

18.48 In both previous two, from long 2003, without Big3 in the finals, Roger Federer lost to the future winner in the semi-finals: D ominiska Thiem can very well hope.

18.46 It's a sweet first time for both today: among the players who debuted at the absolute debut, only Grigor Dimitrov 2017 and Alex Corretja 1998, out of 9 players. succeeded with this company. Tsitsipas will try to imitate them.

18.45 Players like Pete Sampras and Lleyton Hewitt came very young in the final: the careers of the two champions were full of victories. The Greeks will emulate them?

18.43 Argentina is the last youngest tennis player to reach a final in London, 21 years and 1 month: Tsitsipas, joins the championship circuit with 21 years and 2 months, of the youngest players in the final.

18.41 2009 Nicolaj Davydenko beat Juan Martin del Potro, while two years ago Grigor Dimitrov closed a fantastic 2017 against David Goffin.

18.40 Return to singular, this is the third final in ten years since we started playing in London, between two players not part of Big3.

18.38 The seeded # 7 pair ended a golden career: the two "French cockerels" have captured all the Slams together, the last in Melbourne this year, finishing in the UK, the road began in 2015.

18.36 A little while ago the final between the French couple Herbert / Mahut and Klaasen / Venus: the French have wine for 6-3 6-4, which also won in London after last year's defeat against Mike Bryan and Jack Sock.

18.34 A great classic 2018 is ready to close this year, before the new format begins with the Davis Cup in Madrid.

18.32 This is the seventh season challenge between the two: the Austrian is ahead of 4 comparisons with 2 against the Greeks, and won the only 2019 comparison in Beijing a few weeks ago. [19659007] 18.30 The 50th edition at the end of the year The champion of the season's top eight players ends: who wins the title "Maestro" 2019?

18.29 Hello everyone and welcome to the direct textual live broadcast of the final of the ATP final 2019 between Dominic Thiem and Stefanos Tsitsipas.

The preview and program for the finals of the finals 2019 – Tstitsipas is the first finalist: demolished by King Roger – abolished Master 2018! Thiem in the final

Hello and welcome again to LIVE LIVE of the match between Dominic Thiem and Stefanos Tsitsipas, valid for the final of the tennis ATP Finals 2019 . At the tough indoors at the O2 Arena in London, the final hand is arranged by the 50th edition of the Master reserved for the top eight players in the men's circuit: who will live the best night of the first British honeymoon?

For the seventh time in his career, the two champions challenge each other: Dominic Thiem leads by four wins, of which the last, the only year in 2019, coincides with the victory for the fifth season title in Beijing. Austrian and Greek were the main characters of a great classic 2018, when they also competed at Roland Garros: in Paris, both last year, and 2019 won # 5 in the world the first two Slam finals and lost in both cases to Rafael Nadal . Thiem proved to be one of the finest tennis players in 2019 with the finals in Paris, beating Djokovic and Federer in London, but also the trophies from Indian Wells, Barcelona, ​​Kitzbuhel, Beijing and Vienna, for which The 26-year-old will try to close the year at its best.

Stefanos Tsitsipas is together with the Austrian player who showed the best psycho-physical condition in these finals: Hellenic has the opportunity to make a historic back-to-back and becomes the first to win both the NextGen ATP final, last year in Milan, and those in London. The Greek is the youngest since 2009 entering the Masters final: Del Potro had a smaller month, 21 years and one month, compared to # 6 in the world, joined the circle of the youngest finalists including Lleyton Hewitt and Pete Sampras. The Hellenics won the trophies in Marseille and Estoril this year and reached the finals in Dubai, Madrid and Beijing: after the Melbourne semi-final and beat Nadal, Zverev and Federer in the UK, The 21-year-old is ready to make history .

OA Sport offers you LIVE LIVE of the match between Dominic Thiem and Stefanos Tsitsipas, valid for the final of the tennis ATP Finals 2019: chronicle in real time and constant updates. The match starts at 19.00. Have fun! (Photo: LaPresse)

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