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Spider violin, its bite can be lethal, here are the cases in Italy

What can be the effects of a violin spider's poison? The spider piece becomes very dangerous, especially for allergic people.

The bite can cause a wound that may have an order of a few centimeters, but thanks to the medical care it can heal after several weeks and leave it in its place.

However, the danger can be dictated by where a person has become bitten and, above all, by the pathologies that the subject has.

The violin spider has jumped to the headlines to have asked a man in Terni. [1

9659002] The man, a 59-year-old police from Terni, has risked dying of a piece of a very common spider in Italy, the violin spider.

The police waved to the arm immediately after the noise began to swell. The man went to the family doctor to try to understand what happened.

After a few hours the fever rose high and went to the hospital in Terni to visit.

At the hospital, the man could no longer speak and his arm, according to the doctors, risked necrosis.

The man was afraid thanks to the intervention of doctors in Terni infectious diseases led by the teacher Daniela Francisci

The policeman, immediately after restoring, issued the following statement: "If it went bad, I would have risked the arm's amputation, in addition the married who had gone into circulation affected the living and the heart ". [19659002] Il RAGNO VIOLINO

He became the protagonist of the Italian chronicles of having asked a police from Terni. It is called violin spider and is a very shy arachnid that hardly attacks the man.

The violin spider is very common in all countries facing the Mediterranean, such as France, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, Crete, Turkey, all countries in North Africa from Morocco to Egypt, Israel, Palestine, Jordan and Lebanon

The violin spider is called also a hermit spider because it is a nightly insect. During the day it's hard to see him – many times he is hiding in his lingerie or in the cracks.

The violin's spider when he meets the man often flies barely bites. Its bite is, however, very dangerous.

The violin spider is an arachneid found throughout Italy. This type of spider has a characteristic that is very scary to humans, its bite is very toxic and in some cases can determine death.

It is called a violin spider because it has a dark spot on the cephalothorax which is the very famous instrument.

The spider, unlike the other spiders, has six eyes instead of eight grouped in three pairs

. We do not use the cache to capture its byte, but often its bit.

] Other cases in Italy

The violin spider terrorizes Italy. His bet can be fatal to humans. A few days ago, an official in Terni municipality police was bitten by the spider.

The man was immediately rescued and he risked a lot.

Terni municipal police was not the only one to be bitten by the dreaded violin spider

In November in Sottomarina, a tourist resort near Chioggia in Venice province, a man, an entrepreneur whose only initials are known, GB he was bitten by spider and risk of losing one foot

In Pordenone in northeastern Italy was a girl bitten by the spider, her true scientific name is Loxosceles rufescens Dufour while she was sleeping.

The contractor, in November of late November as a spider bite victim, told the story in a long interview.

The entrepreneur who has the campaign's hobby said, "Everything began on November 17th, I went to the vegetable farm and I always forgot the boots. After thirty minutes I took them off, I went home and I felt a little irritation in my left foot. I looked fast and realized that I had 2 dots. At first I did not notice but on the other day a stain showed. At this point I decided to go to a doctor who gave me antibiotics. After three days, however, the situation deteriorated : The stain had spread. I go back to the doctor who increases my antibiotics. In the meantime, the weekend and the situation will fall. "

The entrepreneur continued his story:" On Sunday night I walk through the historic center and almost fall from the strong pains to I come home and the pain increases. So at five in the morning, I decided to go to the emergency room. The doctor makes me an anti-tetanus and sends me lable to the orthopedist. "The doctor then took out the gasp and discovered the horror: the foot was all swollen, the infection had reached a large part of the leg. "He immediately told me that the situation was serious and he advised me to immediately rush to the infectious and tropical disease center in Padua. The spider made me a 7 centimeter wound for 4 deep. The infection was now close to my knee and I risked severe amputation. also had to do a scan to see if the infection had reached other areas. "

The Pordenone girl was instead tips in December in December. The 25-year-old had fallen asleep and had no pain during her sleep.

But when she woke up, the girl felt a sharp pain in her ankle. The young woman was transported by her parents to the hospital who could not explain what happened.

Only after two days passed between different emergency rooms, it was possible to understand that the young woman from Pordenone had been bitten by a violin spider.

The spider is not large and often lives in the shadows and is not easily recognizable. The spider only strings when it feels in danger.

Maybe the girl from Pordenone struck him unintentionally.

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