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Son of the first doctor who died of a coronavirus degree in medicine: “I want to make him proud”

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Massimo Stella devotes his degree in medicine and surgery to his father Roberto, he was the first Italian doctor to die of the coronavirus. It was March 1

1, when he lost his fight against Covid-19 in Como in what was the blackest week in the pandemic for Italy and Lombardy

I’ve always had the dream to make him proud of me when we graduated, we dreamed about the moment when he himself would announce me. “So said Massimo Stella, 25, in March last year. His dad had recently lost his fight against coronavirus. Roberto Stella was gone, the first Italian doctor to lose his life in the fight against Covid-19.

The much-dreamed and desired moment for Massimo has come. For a few hours he has been a Doctor of Medicine and Surgery with 110 cum laude at Insubria University of Pavia. Massimo wanted to dedicate his degree to dad, for several years president of the order of doctors in the province of Varese and general practitioner in Busto Arsizio.

We need good new doctors, as your dad was, which I’m sure from the top is proud of you, “comments the President of the Lombardy region, Attilio Fontana.

Massimo’s course of study continues with his specialization in cardiology and will follow his father’s path. It was March 11, one of the darkest weeks for Lombardy, when Roberto Stella dies at Como Hospital.

He had been in hospital for a few days for respiratory failure. “The National Health Service have lost careful driving, a safe friend, a passionate, eager, tireless worker, ”commented his closest colleagues. “His patients have lost a friend and a man can handle and handle without boundaries“Today, the son remembers that he dedicated him to that degree, so much dreamed where his dad was one of the head teachers

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