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Scraping, 1.8 million Italians at checkout by December 2 – Repubblica.it

Deadline for those who have adhered to scrapping and balancing and deletion of the files. The deadline is December 2, but you can pay up to 7. Those who still have doubts about the installment to be paid can actually, directly online, request a copy of the Revenue Collection Agency's collection with the amounts to be paid. It is also possible to choose to only scrape some of the folders that the application was submitted for a new bill.


More than 1.8 million taxpayers are required to pay the portion planned in the payment plan. In particular, the deadline applies to the payment of the first installment of approximately 385,000 taxpayers (with an ISEE within EUR 20,000) who have joined the balance and written off and of approximately 267,000 latecomers by the scraper, that is, benefited by the reopening of the terms to July 31

, 2019 to submit the application (the first due date was April 30, 2019). In addition, approximately 1 million 170,000 taxpayers have joined "scrap" by April 30, including those who missed the first payment scheduled for July 31. Also on December 2, the deadline for payment of the second abolition payment for taxpayers who have paid the first installment is set no later than 31 July. Due to a five-day legal tolerance, payment can be moved up to December 7.

Copy of bills

Those who can no longer find the list of bills or notice of overdue amounts can request a copy directly on the Revenue Agency – Collection website. It is possible to obtain a copy of the letter either in the reserved area of ​​the portal, activate with personal references and download it directly, both in the public area, without the need for a pin and password, by filling in the form "Request communication" in the dedicated sections of the website to the two provisions, under the heading "Communication of the amounts due", attached an identification document. Failure, insufficient or delayed payment of even some means the inefficiency of the simplified definition: the debt can no longer be paid in part payments and the agency will have to resume recovery measures.

Possible to pay only partially

The agency's portal also contains "ContiTu", the service that allows you to pay only a portion of the sums accepted for scrapping. For example, those who have asked for "scrap" for 7 folders, but realize that they will only be able to pay 4, can choose which debts they intend to define and "ContiTu" will give a new sum and the necessary bulletins to be able to pay the debts selected. For the remaining debts reported in the "Notice" that will not be subject to payment, the facilitated definition will not produce effects and the debt collection agent must resume – as required by law – recovery measures. The folders and messages contained in the application that were presented and which the taxpayer chooses not to comply with the simplified definition cannot be paid in installments.

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