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Scabies at the hospital, now it's a noise

Skabies fall between medical and technical personnel at
Santissima Annunziata in Taranto continues to awaken
worries in the population and among Asl employees and them
of the external companies that handle the hygiene of
environments. To suppress the infection, already diagnosed
in early March (the news was revealed by Quotidiano), it is now
an urgent question presented to the region's president
Puglia, Michele Emiliano, from the regional councilor of Sintra
Italian, Mino Borraccino.
"The pathology – politician writes – is
widespread in cardiology and
Coronary intensive care unit in S.S. Annunziata,
arrives to infect eight healthcare professionals between doctors,
nurses and social workers. "Recognizes
attention to the case of those responsible
the health of the structure, the regional councilor now launches a
new alarm "on the insecure working conditions that apply
at apulic hospitals. "In his question
The exponent of the Italian Left Party, it is not known
which consciously raises a problem which, if it is established,
would open a risk front much more seriously than the eight
employees infected by the parasite. "The uniforms used by
These workers are those who are external cleaning companies
environment, they are taken home and not washed and cleaned
hospital, which increases the risk of transmission
pathogens outside the outbreak. "

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