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posters are displayed on the map – Multiplayer.it

Recently some doctors and computer miners from Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 had predicted and somehow expected the arrival of cars in Epic Games’ Battle Royale: cars that are freely driven by players. If you needed further clarification, you have it now.

The machines will certainly arrive on Fortnite Chapter 2, and they will do so in Season 3. In fact, players have recently noticed gods poster very eloquent, which preview i vehicle in question. You can find them almost anywhere on the game map, obviously not in places currently submerged in water.

The first Confirmation important is the differentiation between vehicles: there will be different types of cars and then what looks like a truck in all respects. Many players have also noticed gas station, which only appears when you drive a helicopter: a signal that the distributors will soon be activated and that they will be used to “charge”

; the new vehicles.

Properties and possible differences however, they are all currently unknown. Currently, you can look at posters from Fortnite machines shown below. we will come back and update you as soon as we have more information. It cannot be ruled out that they will debut at their own lowering of the sea level, which is expected between 6 June 2020 and 13 June 2020.

Here are the four posters of the car Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3:

According to Shiina computer mines, the machines will debut on Fortnite on it July 21, 2020, the day when the water level will drop again. But for now, there is no confirmation from the developers of Epic Games.

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