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Posted: The week with free instrument visits starts

At the Gepos Nursing Home in Telese, participation and recognition of the women who joined


"I would have liked to have checked me for a long time, but I have always pushed up my dedication and given the free access I told me this time I can not go back." Then Marianna (name of fantasy, ed), on the day just passed, at the outpatient clinic in the private care home Gepos of Telese Terme.

On April 16, in fact, the National Women's Health Week, promoted by Onda (National Observatory of Women's Health), to which POOS has agreed to reinstate among the hospitals awarded to the Ministry of Health with two pink stamps (of three) for attention on knowledge, treatment and prevention of the major diseases

With the company's willingness to offer women the opportunity to think about their health and to take care of them more consciously yesterday, the entire clinic's staff, along with the medical management, have opened the doors of doctors' operations, for a free endocrinological visit with a thyroid ultrasound to all who had booked in the established times and procedures. [1

9659004] Women have been welcomed, they have been explained the importance of a regular and precise preventive activity, they have received refreshments and flowers to pay tribute to the figure that is more in society based on the care of others. [19659004] Free visits made available continue. April 18, 2018 from 9 to 12 Dr Lino Moscato will make nutritional assessments. April 19, 2018 from 9.15 to 13 Dr. Sara Colarusso will perform diabetic prevention visits. Also on the 19th of the 16th to 18th, Claudio Santoro draws cardiological visits with an electrocardiogram.

April 21, 2018 from 9.15 to 12.30 Dr Stefania Ferrari will perform gynecological preventive visits with paptest.

The services offered are available on the website www.bollinirosa.it with information about dates, timetables and booking methods. You can choose the region and province of interest to see the list of hospitals that have joined and consult the type of service offered. The initiative has been granted protection for 24 scientific communities and is made possible thanks to the unconditional contribution from Grunenthal, Roche Diagnostics and UCB Pharma.

More than 180 hospitals have joined all Italian regions and provide several free services – visits, diagnostic surveys, consultations, conferences, distribution of informative materials – with 15 clinical specialties. A specially designed software enables Bollini Rosa member hospitals to enter into the services provided and the population to easily find the closest and most suitable structure.

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