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Periodontopathy, the risk of diabetes has tripled

(ANSA) – ROME, NOVEMBER 16 – Eight million Italians suffer from periodontal disease, a disease that involves bone loss around the teeth. 11% of the western population suffers from it (approximately 800,000,000 million people) and is severely affected by mobility, displacement and tooth loss. But this dental disease is linked to another, just as often: diabetes. Diabetic sufferers have a three times higher risk of getting periodontal disease, and conversely, those who suffer from this dental disease have a greater tendency to develop diabetes.
"Periodontopathy, if not treated, can not only lead to tooth loss – says Mario Aimetti, president of the Italian Association for Periodontology and Implantation (Sidp) ̵

1; but it is also the second leading cause of chronic systemic inflammation after obesity. systemic effects affect the onset and course of diabetes. There is really a direct relationship between the severity and extent of periodontal disease and the deterioration of glycemic control. " (TEND).

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