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October 18, Elia Viviani and Letizia Paternoster dream big in omnium – OA Sport

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16.01 3: 23.401! Brennauer breaks down Brause's time and takes the lead.

16.00 Brennauer shoots very quickly, clearly before the moment.

Kl. 15.55 On the track are the German Brennauer and the French Demay.

15.55 3: 26.159 for Franziska Brausse, new best time. Very loud, instead, Savenka.

15.53 On the trail of the German Brausse and the Bielorussian Savenka.


5.51 New British best time: 3: 27.807. Stockings for the sixth time at 3: 34.562.

15.48 Malina Martina, while Katie Archibald goes very fast.

15.47 It's up to Martina Alzini!

15.45 Altissima Medvedova, instead Dronova takes the third temporary place with the time of 3: 32.934.

15.41 Slovakia Medvedova and the Russian Dronova are now on the track

15.39 Valsecchi is definitely better than the Ukrainian Nahiras and prints the second preliminary best time: 3: 31.990

15.35 Now he is on his way to Valsecchi.

15.34 Barker's time, 3: 33.443, has just been beaten by the Irishman Kelly Murphy who recorded an excellent 3: 30.687.

15.29 At present, the British Elinor Barker is absolutely absolute.

15.26 Valsecchi will have to challenge the Ukrainian Anna Nahirna, while Alzini is the strong British Katie Archibald.

15.24 Now it is time for the 3 km qualification in the individual women's hunt. Silvia Valsecchi and Martina Alzini will be involved.

15.20 This is the ranking for the end of the men:

  1. Jan Willem Van Schip (Netherlands)
  2. Benjamin Thomas (France)
  3. Albert Torres Barcelo (Spain) [19659021] Lasse Norman Hansen (Denmark) [19659021] Oliver Wood (United Kingdom)
  4. Lindsay Se Vylder (Belgium)
  5. Szymon Sajnok (Poland)
  6. Raman Tsishkou (Belarus)

15.14 Now it is time for Omnium men with a 10 km scratch. There is also Elia Viviani.

15.10 Later it will be 7.5 km Tempo Race

15.05 Third place for the French Clara Copponi. Fourth hostess Kirsten Wild and fifth Danish Amalie Dideriksen. All the big favorites have arrived.

15.00 Big unlucky for Spanish Ana Usabiaga on the ground four turns from the end while trying to avoid the Slovak Alzbeta Bacikova that fell earlier.

14.56 British Laura Kenny wins the test of scraper just in front of Letizia Paternoster.

14.45 It is time for the qualification of scraping (7.5 km) for the women who are currently descending on the Apeldoorn Omnisport course.

14.40 Welcome back to Europeans LIVE LIVE on track 2019.

14.02 Female Omnium Scratch qualifications will take place at 2pm, so we will refer you later for real-time updates.

13.55 Two more medals for Italy came yesterday, both in "Team hunting: silver for men, bronze for women.

13.43 For women's rehearsal, landlord Kirsten Wild starts as outgoing champion, while and last year Paternoster was third. [19659005] 13.35 Today the eyes are all focused on the Omnium test and two big favorites of the day: Elia Viviani and Letizia Paternoster.

13.30 Hello everyone and welcome to DIRECT LIVE of the third day of the European Championship on the track 2019.

Presentation of the third day of the European Championship 2019 on the track – The pursuit of men's team: Denmark unbeatable Italy's silver – Hunting team for women: bronze for the blue quartet

Hello everyone and welcome to our LIVE LIVE of the third day of the European Championship on the track 2019. Italy currently has three medals, we went from gold to Elia Viviani in the elimination race, to the silver in the men's pursuit, to the bronze for the same female race. Today, Italian hopes are again placed on Olympic champion Viviani and on the bronze medal yesterday in the Letizia Paternoster team, both competing in Omnium; the chance of winning at least one other coin is more than real. From 13:30 to 16.45, the points race, the scratch and the running time for the Omnium test are planned for both men and women. In addition, the qualifications for the individual women's pursuit will be made. Then, from 18 to 21.50, it will be the end of the final in the individual women's persecution. For the individual speed race, both male and female, the semi-final and then the final. And finally, here we are on the Omnium test for both genders, where it is the elimination race, the points race and the final. Italy will be absent during the individual male and female Speed ​​competitions where no one has reached the semi-finals. For "Individual persecution instead, Silvia Valsecchi will take the track and, if not the last hour's changes, Martina Alzini. But the Italian hopes for the medals are placed above all on Omnium, where the Olympic champion of this specialty will be distributed Elia Viviani, who will look for her second European gold 2019; and then the bronze medal in yesterday's Team Pursuit Letizia Paternoster, European Champion in this test of the Under and Juniores (category in which she managed to capture even the world's special gold). OA Sport will offer you LIVE LIVE text on the third day of the European Championships on the track 2019 from 13.30. ]

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