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National Women's Health Day

The National Day of Women's Health is contained in its third edition and proposed as part of the protection of "pink" health through awareness and prevention initiatives organized by the main institutions, associations, scientific communities promoting promotion of women's health

This year, a five-day open week from 16-20 April was entirely dedicated to women with the goal of promoting information, prevention and treatment of major female pathologies. In this regard, a series of deep studies on senology, neurophysiology, psychology, rehabilitation physiotherapy and nutrition in women with breast cancer are planned

National Women's Health Day: the program

In connection with the third national health day, Donna, Onda, The National Observatory for Women's and Gender Health, devotes the week from 1

6-16 April to women in order to promote information and services for the prevention and treatment of major female pathologies : via the hospitals in the network Bollini Rosa ]which has joined the initiative, is offered free clinical, diagnostic and information services for women in different specialist areas (diabetology, geriatry, just to name a few).

On 21 April in Rome the Ministry of Health will open its doors for the population: at Viale Giorgio Ribotta, 5, will be set up from 9.30 in the morning, and until kl. 17.00, Women's Health Front There will be professionals from scientific communities, associations, federations, universities, free screening, citizenship councils, informative material

From 10:00, then parallel to the activities that will take place in the village There are several work tables on violence against women, eating disorders, prevention and styles of life with the participation of experts in the field with the proposed intention to provide all necessary information for the benefit of the woman's psychophysical well-being.

The results and suggestions that will be due to the discussion will be presented the same morning in a round table crucial, with testimonies and video greetings by godmothers present at earlier releases of the day.

19659010] April 16th, from 8.30 to 13.30 at the Neurophysiology Clinic
Electromyography: Evaluation of Neurotoxicity by Chemotherapy
  • 16th and 18th April, 19.00 to 14.00 at Senology
    Visits on Breast Pathology and Possible Diagnostic Examinations [19659009] April 18th, from 12.00 to 13.00 Open Meeting for Citizens
    Questions and Answers with Experts on: Nutrition and Side Effects in Patients
    Multimedia Conference Center IFO Sales C.
  • April 19th from 9.00 to 13.00 at the Psychiatric Clinic
    Informal visits and conversations on the prevention of depression in women
    at 06 5266 2055 or write to [email protected])
  • April 20 at 9:00, 10:00 AM and 11 AM at Multimedia Congress Center and IFO
    Physiotherapy pills for mastectomized patients
    3 sessions in 30 minutes each
    The initiative is open to citizens without travel vation.

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