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Lose belly and reduce fat: 8 natural ways

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ROME – Losing the stomach is not impossible, just follow some advice from the experts. Active lifestyle and healthy eating are our best allies for losing belly fat, which in addition to being ugly is also dangerous for our health as it is a risk factor for many diseases including those related to the heart and to type 2 diabetes. However, by following some practical tips it is possible to lose weight and toned in the abdomen.

Eat more fiber: fiber can help us feel fuller longer, which can reduce the amount of food eaten during and between meals. The fiber also maintains the healthy digestive system function. A healthy digestive system can reduce swelling and belly fat

Limited refined carbohydrates: carbohydrates are an important source of energy for our body, but not all carbohydrates are equally healthy. The body turns some carbohydrates, such as refined bread and pasta, into glucose. When more glucose is produced than necessary, the body stores excess fat. When the goal is to reduce the amount of fat that is located in the stomach, the consumption of refined carbohydrates should be limited and the integrated products should be chosen instead.

Increasing Protein Intake: even proteins are very important for our body, especially helping to develop and repair muscle. In addition, proteins help us feel full. A small study in 2012 suggested that those who consumed high quality proteins such as milk, eggs and beef had a lower proportion of belly fat.

Practice cardio exercises: Cardiovascular or aerobic exercises represent a good way to burn calories and improve heart health. Many cardio exercises are effective in reducing abdominal fat (obviously always in combination with a low-calorie diet). No hours of running in the gym required, bland jogging, quick walks and swimming are included in the heart exercises. Research has shown that moderate aerobic exercise can reduce belly fat even without reducing caloric intake.

Active Lifestyle: Those who are trying to lose belly fat should add extra movement and activity during the day to move as much as possible, especially if you tend to spend most of the day sitting. Examples of small activities that show up during the day include: taking the stairs instead of a lift or escalator, moving on foot or by bicycle, using the desk that stands up, doing some stretches at the beginning and end of the day. One study suggested adding extra exercise can help burn up to 2,000 extra calories per day, depending on body weight and activity level.

Drink plenty of water: You can minimize water retention and stomach bloating by drinking plenty of water. Drinking a glass of water before a meal also helps fill the stomach and control the amount of servings. It is possible to drink natural water or make detox water by adding fresh fruits and vegetables such as citrus fruits, strawberries, cucumbers or mint. Drinking herbal tea is another great way to stay hydrated.

Eat more monounsaturated fatty acids: Monounsaturated fatty acids, often known as "good fats", are very important to our well-being. These types of fats are found in foods such as extra virgin olive oil, avocado, nuts and dried fruits, sesame oil. A 2016 review found that a diet rich in monounsaturated fatty acids can help reduce body weight.

Monitoring Food Intake: Keeping a food diary can help keep track of what you eat. eaten and help choose healthier alternatives during meals and snacks. According to experts, those who are on a diet often tend to underestimate what they ate during the day or forget to consume important nutrients and choose unhealthy snacks instead. Keeping a food diary for 1 or 2 weeks can help identify the source of your excess calories.

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