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Kazakhstan, “unknown pneumonia” has already caused more than a thousand deaths

Unknown pneumonia has arrived in Kazakhstan, which turns out to be more fatal than coronavirus. The official presence of this new infectious disease arrived yesterday from the Chinese Embassy.

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In Kazakhstan, a real tragedy happens. An unknown pneumonia it killed more than 1,700 people in the country this year. And from mid-June, the number of infected and victims has increased dramatically. The Chinese Embassy in Kazakhstan talked about the appearance of this new disease official. It did so with institutional communication aimed at all citizens.

The press release states that the health department in Kazakhstan, in collaboration with other international agencies, is currently conducting deep scientific research into the matter. Up until now, the nature and origin of this new type of pneumonia has not been established.

The country’s major outbreaks have been identified in the Atyrau, Shymkent and Aktobe regions.

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Kazakhstan, unknown pneumonia: according to experts, it is more dangerous than coronavirus

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The real problem is this new pandemic it is growing at a very disturbing rate. In different parts of Kazakhstan, local authorities report hundreds of new cases every day. Last month alone, more than 600 people died contracting her.

But scientific experts seem to agree on one thing. This new and unknown disease it is more deadly than the coronavirus epidemic which brought the whole world to its knees.

Kazinform, the national press office in Kazakhstan, has announced that in the capital Nursultan, the number of cases has doubled in one month. And all this while the country is simultaneously fighting to defeat the corona virus.

John Hopkins University has released a statement saying that 54,747 are currently in the country in known cases of infection of this unknown pneumonia.

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