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It is a thriving dietary supplement. But watch out for health risks and product risks

A growing market for Italians is food supplements, which in recent years have experienced a real boom: the whole sector is worth 3.4 billion euros with annual growth of 6.8% over the last six. C odacons: "pay attention to the risks and the products you buy, here is our guide for consumers"


Dietary Supplements is a market that does not seem to have a crisis. In Italy it is really growing and in recent years there has been a real boom : the whole sector is now worth 3.4 billion euros. Over the past six years, it has experienced an average growth rate of 6.8%. But Codacons warns: "an attention to the products you buy . The world of supplementation is really so wide that it has an incredible product diversity : from serious and effective supplements, to others that are not just completely useless but even detrimental to human health. ".

What are the most common mistakes? Here is the Codacons guide:


) Be sure to underestimate the possible health risks due to ingestion of these products. Often we do not consider them to be real medicines, we tend not to consider them dangerous, expose us to a proper overdose or possible disruption of other medicines we take. Always be attentive and always ask for a medical opinion before continuing with employment.

2) Attention also where you make the purchase : very often actually online we are bombarded by advertising for products, often on unreliable websites, which promise stratospheric results in no time. We pay special attention to those who sell the product and we only buy from secure websites.

3) Many people believe that supplementation means that we can achieve miraculous results even without changing our lifestyle or our food. However, this is a false myth. No substance, however powerful, can allow us such a result, but it is always necessary that it be taken together with an accurate food and personal plan.

4) Always ask for a medical opinion before taking any substance, as anything in the wrong amount can cause serious problems for the body. We don't believe everything we read.

5) Supplements are very useful as the name suggests, to integrate into our body a substance that it needs, because it is missing. The risk of taking supplements without considering this aspect can lead to overdose of certain special substances with very serious side effects.

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