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here are the valid reasons to drink it every day. Dosage and benefits

sodium bicarbonate is a product that is never missing in our homes is cheap and generally you buy it because "it serves to do so many things" and in "many" include works from house cleaning but also the ability to disinfect fruits and vegetables. But do we really know all the many uses of baking soda? In this article, we will elaborate on the benefits that bicarbonate can provide for our health .

It is true that many people nowadays prefer to rely on specific products that they find in the pharmacy or in the health department of the supermarket: if you are too among these I can assure you that after reading this paragraph you will leave home, not at the pharmacy, but at the supermarket's home department.

Bicarbonate: here are some valid reasons to use it every day

Let's start with some basic rule . Bicarbonate is not like Coca Cola: it should be taken in measure and in small quantities but especially with regularity . Indeed, it has been shown that its frequent consumption helps the general well-being of the body, as it regulates the blood's natural pH and reduces the level of acidity .

Dissolved in water, bicarbonate represents one of the natural cures older and consumed in the world including the head protects our organism from various diseases.

9) Natural Antacids

From a chemical point of view, sodium bicarbonate is a sodium salt of "carbonic acid: it is therefore evident that its antacid properties are one of the leading causes of bicarbonate in all homes. This natural ingredient helps neutralize stomach acids and prevent irritating acid flow.

8) Reduces bloating and gastric

How many times after a particularly demanding dinner that you felt heavy and swollen? In general, medicines are used (or really we go ahead with something in advance). Instead, try diluting a teaspoon of baking powder in a glass of water: you will notice that both the swelling and the presence of gas will decrease and you will feel a quick relief. in digestive disorders.

7) Natural alkalizing agent

Most of our eating habits promotes the production of an acidity condition in our body and this exposes it to various diseases.
Thanks to its ability to neutralize acidity and because of its alkalizing effect, bicarbonate has proven to be an extremely effective natural cure that regulates the body's pH and helps improve our overall state of health.

6) Action against blood acidity

Acid of the body is a risk factor for osteoporosis, arthritis and even cancer. Keeping blood acidity low helps prevent these risks. With its low cost, a simple product such as baking soda is one of the most effective herbal remedies for blood acidity. However, its daily consumption must be limited, as an excess can, on the contrary, alkalize the body and therefore be harmful in another sense.

5) Powerful antiseptic

A truly remarkable and unexpected property of sodium bicarbonate is its small antiseptic effect, which makes it very effective in fighting viruses and bacteria . Because of these properties, we can use it as a base ingredient for gargling in sore throat and inflammation.

4) Against urinary tract infections

] Due to its ability to reduce urine content, dilution of a glass of water and sodium is an important protective barrier against urinary tract infections. Also try it as a complement to water and cranberry juice consumption: another strategy (perhaps more palatable!) To prevent these inflammations, especially in their chronic phase.

3) Against gout and joint problems

Gout and arthritis (especially chronic) also result from very high levels of uric acid in urine and blood.
Are you looking for a solution? Sufficient, even in this case, a glass of water with bicarbonate: this will regulate the pH of the blood and reduce the concentration of the acid.

2) Increase physical performance (without doping!)

We all know (you will have had an intense sports collection in your life I hope!) The lactic acid released during physical activity can accumulate in muscles and joints, causing stiffness and muscle fatigue.

To prevent this from lowering our performance during subsequent sports performance (the day after the gym do you manage to move?) A good solution could be a bicarbonate soda diluted in water. Reduces acidity and therefore also your pain

1) Cholesterol controls

Combining mineral water and sodium bicarbonate also helps to reduce high blood cholesterol levels, especially LDL type, the famous "bad cholesterol". Be aware: if you suffer from high blood pressure, the high sodium content of baking soda can cause problems. Therefore: be careful!

Instructions for use: how to take water with bicarbonate?

I have already explained to you how excessive consumption of baking soda can have negative effects on your health. For this it is good to know how to take it without risk by following these little tips.

Ideal amounts for body well-being: 3 grams of bicarbonate (or ½ teaspoon), 200 ml of water (1 glass). Drink the solution after each main meal

Ideal quantities for treating cold and flu

½ teaspoon baking powder, 1 glass of water. Treatment
Day 1: take 5 times a day, every three hours. Day 2: same dose, taken three times during the day. Day 3: same dose drunk once after lunch and one after dinner.

This treatment is perfect for fighting microorganisms that cause colds, flu and allergies. Maybe the taste won't be the best, but it does really well. If you start introducing it regularly in your diet, you will feel the first positive changes in a few days.

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