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Chrome 84 It is available. The new version of the browser introduces the news that has been announced since the beta release, where the promise was to act on both cookies and notifications.

Chrome 84, the news

The new version of Google Chrome first introduces a new control system for i cake, a measure that protects users by restricting their tracking in certain contexts. This specific development had been in the air for some time, so much so that it was expected to be adopted from the browser’s edition 80: the shutdown first and the desire not to harm realities struggling to adapt their services then prevailed Mountain View to postpone everything until today.

Additional news is related to notifications, which the browser intends to stop in situations where abuse becomes a problem for the user. In particular, the browser will slow down fake messages, phishing attempts or malicious software that precisely through the specific evidence of the message tries to attack the unsuspecting user by clicking on them without proper care. The block is the same as has previously been done when opening pop-up windows, which for several years have gripped the surfing experience and that they have only with the blocks in the browser stopped continuing with their unlikely business models.

Manage notifications on Google Chrome

To all this is added 38 security fixes, one of which is critical and seven at a high level.

The browser update takes place in the background, but it is possible to force the update through the menu settings -> Browser information which automatically starts checking the installed version and the version available on Google’s servers.

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