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"Free Modem" is official, the AGCOM resolution has been published

Today, the news is official. The Italian Communications Authority (AGCOM) confirmed the news a few days ago from Tom Hardware. We can freely choose to use the modem / router we prefer. The resolution has just been published. Here is the full text.

"The AGCOM Council approved the implementing provisions of the European Regulation on Access to an Open Internet, with particular reference to Choice of Terminal Equipment Used for Access from a Fixed Location. The measures are included in the competition rules in the markets for electronic communications terminal equipment and the harmonization of rules for commercial provision according to the technical requirements and the compliance requirements for the equipment prescribed by EU legislation

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To enable informed and informed choices as well as to protect end consumers, the Authority's decision describes the most important elements and details of the prices and the terms of sale of the terminals and related services that fall on the providers of network access services in accordance with the provisions of Articles 70 and 71

of the Electronic Communications Act

The provision, Rapporteur Antonio Nicita, is the result of extensive public consultation with all major providers providing access, industry associations in industry, craft, manufacturing and retail sectors, civil and consumer organizations, and also saw that individual users participated with own contributions

With Resolution 348/18 / CONS the Authority thus confirmed the users' right to freely select internet connection terminals from a fixed location while setting specific obligations for operators aimed at to ensure informed and informed choices of final consumers. From a technical point of view, operators of public communications networks and public service providers will not refuse to connect equipment terminals to their network if the equipment chosen by the user complies with the basic the requirements of European and national law or impose unreasonable additional charges or delays on the user or discriminate against the quality of the services included in the offer when connecting to a terminal equipment of their choice. [19659007] For this purpose, network providers must provide their customers through the service channels sufficient information for the correct and simplified certificate of connection features and the simple configuration of the terminal devices, substitute or integral, of their choice. Any motivated restrictions from operators must be approved by the Authority.

Contracts concluded with operators may not contain terms (price, volume data or speed or other business practices) that limit end users' right to use such terminals. Precise obligations are therefore established to protect freedom of choice which implies specific measures for contractual and technical transparency

If operators provide the terminal in connection with connection services, they must clearly state the delivery terms to ensure that the consumer can choose his own terminal as provides all the necessary specifications for the operation. In particular, if there is a transfer for consideration, operators must clearly indicate any installation costs, number and value of the lease agreements and the terms for redeeming the ownership of the terminal.

provided free of charge, the consumer must be aware of the additional financial and technical conditions associated with this delivery and any other information that is useful for distinguishing the terms of use of the Internet Access Service with regard to the use of the terminal and related services. Further, n upon recall is not a refund of a terminal equipment not used by the user, even if it is sold negligently, generally additional charges for the user.

"With this measure – underlined Nicita – the authority indicates the necessity of openness and interoperability necessary to ensure access to an open Internet, as defined by the European legislator, combining two economic freedoms that must be protected: free choice of user of the terminal equipment and the commercial of the company even through matched offers ".

The package of measures adopted, explained Nicita, will help strengthen the free and conscious choice of Italian consumers and the creation of a competitive ecosystem, beneficial to technical innovation, both in terms of more efficient connectivity services and the development of equipment which terminals developed more and responded to the needs of citizens. "

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