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For two years she grew pubic hair and breast tissue: the shocking discovery

Bynnleigh Shepherd was born in the United States on October 11, 2013 in Oklahoma, and immediately appeared as a beautiful child. Until two years of age, he did not give parents any kind of problem that grew in health. Then, at the beginning of 2016, the moment came when she eventually realized that she developed

the tissue breast and hair hair as a regular youth.

A similar case had never happened

Initially, the family went to the local doctors in Tahlequah, Oklahoma, who predicted that the child suffers from constipation. However, after doing a tac, the real problem arose: the child had a huge ovarian tumor .

The mother was shocked. He then took her to the San Francisco Hospital [VIDEO] in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where all exams that cast light on this incredible event were practiced. It was the doctors at that hospital who confirmed that the girl suffered from a very rare and very large malignant tumor that had developed on her right ovaries. And this was the true cause for which the child already went through puberty.

A tumor removal operation

The girl underwent surgery to remove tumor mass, and ovaries and right ovaries, which are attacked by the tumor on June 1

7, 2016, without having to undergo radiation therapy and chemotherapy sessions. From the biopsy performed on the excised mass, the tumor appeared to be a rare type of cancer that occurred in the ovaries, and that it was a malignant malignant .

According to statistics, among the English women, ovarian cancer is the sixth tumor, which affects only 0.2 percent of patients under 14 years. Fortunately, the child recovered quickly and returned to normal development based on his age.

The course

Two years have elapsed since her surgery, and the sixth month of the child undergoes routine controls, including a hormonal dosage that sets their regularity. A very rare case of cancer [VIDEO] in the ovaries, what Brynnleigh Shepherd represents a precedent, perfectly resolved. The child does not realize the risk she has had with the disease, and she shows her scars to everyone and explains that doctors did it to save her life when she still had diapers and her body reacted to a girl. #tumori

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