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Fisco is already heating up the engines: blast of incoming letters

Fisco heats the engines. Given the austerity that will come against the anti-evasion front with the Budget Act, revenue has already sent 700,000 letters for compliance with scrapping of folders. In fact, they are messages in response to all taxpayers who have filed an "balance and fine" application. The letters will also be sent to all "late arrivals" who have joined "scrap". These are all taxpayers who did not apply by 30 April and then present it on 31 July 2019. The letters will indicate the amount to be paid and all payment methods. In fact, all communications will be delivered by October 31st. For this type of benefit, payment is planned to the extent that it varies from 1

6 to 35% of the amount due, already discounted with penalties and interest. Instead, "scrapping" only provides for sanctions and standard interest rates.

Communication, it should be emphasized, will be of two types. The first relates to the deletion of debits in response to the declarations presented for balance and removal, the second in response to the applications for connection to "scrapping" in the reopening phase. The envelope sent by the tax authorities will also contain invoices for payments of the amounts due. The due date for the first payment is set by the law on November 30, 2019, which on Saturday goes down to Monday December 2. If the extension plan contains more than 10 installments, the October message from October 19459004 will contain the first 10 payment proposals while the remaining ones will be sent later, before the eleventh installment expires. In short, scrapping goes live, but it's time for thousands of taxpayers to put their wallets to pay their debts with the tax authorities. All while waiting for the next budget team to start, which will be based on strategies against avoidance and close controls.

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