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Evaluates Emilia Romagna, Bonaccini in front of Borgonzoni with 12 points. But the center-right parties hit the center-left

The outgoing President of Emilia Romagna Stefano Bonaccini takes the challenger Lucia Borgonzoni at a two-digit distance. The coalition in support of the Northern League senator goes beyond all parties supporting the governor. It is the synthesis of a Ixè study for Cartabianca (Rai3) that, on the one hand, represents the strength of the left-left candidate, presumably also in the function of his work for five years as president for the region and, on the other hand, the real engine of the rival, it is the electoral pool in the league that has grown throughout the territory over the past two years in what was once called the "red region". According to Ixè, Bonaccini would today exceed Borgonzoni by almost 1

2 points : 41.2 percent against 29.4. The additional element that gathers the institute directed by Roberto Weber is that any attendance at the Cinquestelle election – which has not yet decided to run or not – does not move and certainly does not provide anything Added value for the outgoing President of the Democratic Party M5's candidate – of which there is not even the name yet – would take 5 percent, but Bonaccini would lose only one point of his great advantage.

Different as said the scenario of balance of power between the sides in support of the two candidates. The center-left would now amount to 33.7 percent against 34 of the center-right. If the M5s decide to drive Pd and allies would still fly lower, at 31.6, while Lega Forza Italia Fratelli d & # 39; Italia together they would still be at 33, 1st In this context, the M5s would hardly exceed 8 percent

It should be emphasized that in both questions there are about 20 percent who do not answer or declare uncertain. From this part of the electorate could get more fuel for the two candidates.


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